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Academic Article A closer look at long-range chromosomal interactions.
Academic Article My5C: web tools for chromosome conformation capture studies.
Academic Article Integrating one-dimensional and three-dimensional maps of genomes.
Academic Article From cells to chromatin: capturing snapshots of genome organization with 5C technology.
Academic Article 3C-based technologies to study the shape of the genome.
Academic Article Exploring the three-dimensional organization of genomes: interpreting chromatin interaction data.
Academic Article Determining spatial chromatin organization of large genomic regions using 5C technology.
Academic Article Chromatin globules: a common motif of higher order chromosome structure?
Academic Article The structure and function of chromatin and chromosomes.
Academic Article Hi-C: a comprehensive technique to capture the conformation of genomes.
Academic Article Analysis of long-range chromatin interactions using Chromosome Conformation Capture.
Academic Article HiTC: exploration of high-throughput 'C' experiments.
Academic Article Iterative correction of Hi-C data reveals hallmarks of chromosome organization.
Concept Chromosome Mapping
Academic Article The Hitchhiker's guide to Hi-C analysis: practical guidelines.
Academic Article Randomized ligation control for chromosome conformation capture.
Academic Article Chromosome Conformation Capture Carbon Copy (5C) in Budding Yeast.
Academic Article Long-Range Chromatin Interactions.
Academic Article Activation of proto-oncogenes by disruption of chromosome neighborhoods.
Academic Article Mapping the 3D genome: Aiming for consilience.
Academic Article Hi-C 2.0: An optimized Hi-C procedure for high-resolution genome-wide mapping of chromosome conformation.
Academic Article C-BERST: defining subnuclear proteomic landscapes at genomic elements with dCas9-APEX2.
Academic Article Integrative detection and analysis of structural variation in cancer genomes.
Academic Article A chromosome folding intermediate at the condensin-to-cohesin transition during telophase.
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