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Academic Article The BRCA1-associated protein BACH1 is a DNA helicase targeted by clinically relevant inactivating mutations.
Academic Article Analysis of the DNA substrate specificity of the human BACH1 helicase associated with breast cancer.
Academic Article FANCJ (BACH1) helicase forms DNA damage inducible foci with replication protein A and interacts physically and functionally with the single-stranded DNA-binding protein.
Academic Article Human MutL-complexes monitor homologous recombination independently of mismatch repair.
Academic Article FANCJ uses its motor ATPase to destabilize protein-DNA complexes, unwind triplexes, and inhibit RAD51 strand exchange.
Academic Article Assessing the link between BACH1/FANCJ and MLH1 in DNA crosslink repair.
Academic Article An MLH1 mutation links BACH1/FANCJ to colon cancer, signaling, and insight toward directed therapy.
Academic Article FANCJ/BACH1 acetylation at lysine 1249 regulates the DNA damage response.
Academic Article BACH1 is critical for homologous recombination and appears to be the Fanconi anemia gene product FANCJ.
Academic Article Assessing the link between BACH1 and BRCA1 in the FA pathway.
Academic Article BACH1 is a DNA repair protein supporting BRCA1 damage response.
Academic Article Inhibition of BACH1 (FANCJ) helicase by backbone discontinuity is overcome by increased motor ATPase or length of loading strand.
Academic Article The FANCJ/MutLalpha interaction is required for correction of the cross-link response in FA-J cells.
Academic Article Targeting the FANCJ-BRCA1 interaction promotes a switch from recombination to poleta-dependent bypass.
Academic Article Interaction between the helicases genetically linked to Fanconi anemia group J and Bloom's syndrome.
Academic Article Hereditary breast cancer and the BRCA1-associated FANCJ/BACH1/BRIP1.
Academic Article Fanconi anemia group J helicase and MRE11 nuclease interact to facilitate the DNA damage response.
Concept Basic-Leucine Zipper Transcription Factors
Academic Article FANCJ localization by mismatch repair is vital to maintain genomic integrity after UV irradiation.
Academic Article Crosstalk between BRCA-Fanconi anemia and mismatch repair pathways prevents MSH2-dependent aberrant DNA damage responses.
Academic Article FANCJ at the FORK.
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