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Academic Article Treatment of children and adolescents with localized parameningeal sarcoma: experience of the Intergroup Rhabdomyosarcoma Study Group protocols IRS-II through -IV, 1978-1997.
Academic Article Low-dose total body irradiation followed by allogeneic lymphocyte infusion may induce remission in patients with refractory hematologic malignancy.
Academic Article Bicalutamide inhibits androgen-mediated adhesion of prostate cancer cells exposed to ionizing radiation.
Academic Article Quality of radiotherapy reporting in randomized controlled trials of Hodgkin's lymphoma and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma: in regard to Bekelman and Yahalom (Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2009;73:492-498).
Academic Article What we have learned: the impact of quality from a clinical trials perspective.
Academic Article Molecular targets for radiation oncology in prostate cancer.
Academic Article Surveillance computed tomography imaging and detection of relapse in intermediate- and advanced-stage pediatric Hodgkin's lymphoma: a report from the Children's Oncology Group.
Academic Article Forward-planned, multiple-segment, tangential fields with concomitant boost in the treatment of breast cancer.
Academic Article Hybrid IMRT plans--concurrently treating conventional and IMRT beams for improved breast irradiation and reduced planning time.
Academic Article Commissioning of mini-multi-leaf-collimator (MMLC) for stereotactic radiosurgery and radiotherapy.
Academic Article Radiation therapy quality in CCG/POG intergroup 9961: implications for craniospinal irradiation and the posterior fossa boost in future medulloblastoma trials.
Academic Article ß1 integrins mediate resistance to ionizing radiation in vivo by inhibiting c-Jun amino terminal kinase 1.
Academic Article Skin perfusion and oxygenation changes in radiation fibrosis.
Concept Radiation Tolerance
Concept Radiation Injuries
Concept Radiation Injuries, Experimental
Concept Radiation Dosage
Concept Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Concept Radiation Oncology
Concept Radiation, Ionizing
Academic Article A Phase II Trial of Cetuximab, Gemcitabine, 5-Fluorouracil, and Radiation Therapy in Locally Advanced Nonmetastatic Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma.
Academic Article A new model for imaging and radiation therapy quality assurance in the National Clinical Trials Network of the National Cancer Institute.
Academic Article Bending the cost curve: a unique collaboration between radiation oncologists and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts to optimize the use of advanced technology.
Academic Article Dose-intensive response-based chemotherapy and radiation therapy for children and adolescents with newly diagnosed intermediate-risk hodgkin lymphoma: a report from the Children's Oncology Group Study AHOD0031.
Academic Article Diaphragm injury after liver stereotactic body radiation therapy.
Academic Article Dosimetric impact of the AeroForm tissue expander in postmastectomy radiation therapy: an ex vivo analysis.
Academic Article Hyperspectral Imaging as an Early Biomarker for Radiation Exposure and Microcirculatory Damage.
Academic Article Imaging and Data Acquisition in Clinical Trials for Radiation Therapy.
Academic Article Closing the Cancer Divide Through Ubuntu: Information and Communication Technology-Powered Models for Global Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article External Volume Expansion in Irradiated Tissue: Effects on the Recipient Site.
Academic Article A Comparative Evaluation of Normal Tissue Doses for Patients Receiving Radiation Therapy for Hodgkin Lymphoma on the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study and Recent Children's Oncology Group Trials.
Academic Article Association between cumulative radiation dose, adverse skin reactions, and changes in surface hemoglobin among women undergoing breast conserving therapy.
Academic Article Patterns of Involved-Field Radiation Therapy Protocol Deviations in Pediatric Versus Adolescent and Young Adults With Hodgkin Lymphoma: A Report From the Children's Oncology Group AHOD0031.
Academic Article Report from the SWOG Radiation Oncology Committee: Research Objectives Workshop 2017.
Academic Article The Importance of Imaging in Radiation Oncology for National Clinical Trials Network Protocols.
Academic Article Potential Role of the Quality Assurance Review Center Platform in Global Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article American Association of Physicists in Medicine Task Group 263: Standardizing Nomenclatures in Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article The Children's Oncology Group Radiation Oncology Discipline: 15 Years of Contributions to the Treatment of Childhood Cancer.
Academic Article The Influence of Imaging in the Modern Practice of Radiation Oncology.
Academic Article Randomized phase III study of thoracic radiation in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin with or without thalidomide in patients with stage III non-small-cell lung cancer: the ECOG 3598 study.
Academic Article Treatment Toxicity: Radiation.
Academic Article The Incidence of Node-Positive Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer Undergoing Sublobar Resection and the Role of Radiation in Its Management.

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