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Academic Article Anti-infective effect of poly-beta 1-6-glucotriosyl-beta 1-3-glucopyranose glucan in vivo.
Academic Article Mechanism by which orally administered beta-1,3-glucans enhance the tumoricidal activity of antitumor monoclonal antibodies in murine tumor models.
Academic Article A comparison of the pulmonary inflammatory potential of different components of yeast cell wall.
Academic Article Distinct patterns of dendritic cell cytokine release stimulated by fungal beta-glucans and toll-like receptor agonists.
Academic Article Enhanced neutrophil emigration and Porphyromonas gingivalis reduction following PGG-glucan treatment of mice.
Academic Article Anthrax-protective effects of yeast beta 1,3 glucans.
Academic Article Beta-glucan functions as an adjuvant for monoclonal antibody immunotherapy by recruiting tumoricidal granulocytes as killer cells.
Academic Article Reduction of infection-stimulated periapical bone resorption by the biological response modifier PGG glucan.
Academic Article Robust stimulation of humoral and cellular immune responses following vaccination with antigen-loaded beta-glucan particles.
Academic Article Glucan particles for selective delivery of siRNA to phagocytic cells in mice.
Academic Article Relative contributions of dectin-1 and complement to immune responses to particulate ?-glucans.
Concept beta-Glucans
Academic Article ?-Glucan microparticles are good candidates for mucosal antigen delivery in oral vaccination.
Academic Article A population of Langerin-positive dendritic cells in murine Peyer's patches involved in sampling ?-glucan microparticles.
Academic Article Exploiting fungal cell wall components in vaccines.
Academic Article Sampling of Candida albicans and Candida tropicalis by Langerin-positive dendritic cells in mouse Peyer's patches.
Academic Article Beta-Glucan Particles as Vaccine Adjuvant Carriers.
Academic Article Beta-glucan-induced inflammatory monocytes mediate antitumor efficacy in the murine lung.
Academic Article Preparation and characterization of yeast cell wall beta-glucan encapsulated humic acid nanoparticles as an enhanced aflatoxin B1 binder.
Academic Article Assessment of the protective effect of yeast cell wall ?-glucan encapsulating humic acid nanoparticles as an aflatoxin B1 adsorbent in vivo.
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