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Academic Article Experimental illumination of a fitness landscape.
Academic Article Bound for observation.
Academic Article Solubility-promoting function of Hsp90 contributes to client maturation and robust cell growth.
Academic Article Latent effects of Hsp90 mutants revealed at reduced expression levels.
Academic Article Modular control of cross-oligomerization: analysis of superstabilized Hsp90 homodimers in vivo.
Academic Article Enforced N-domain proximity stimulates Hsp90 ATPase activity and is compatible with function in vivo.
Academic Article Posttranslational modification and conformational state of heat shock protein 90 differentially affect binding of chemically diverse small molecule inhibitors.
Concept HSP90 Heat-Shock Proteins
Academic Article Shifting fitness landscapes in response to altered environments.
Academic Article A bayesian MCMC approach to assess the complete distribution of fitness effects of new mutations: uncovering the potential for adaptive walks in challenging environments.
Academic Article Designed Hsp90 heterodimers reveal an asymmetric ATPase-driven mechanism in vivo.
Academic Article A systematic survey of an intragenic epistatic landscape.
Academic Article Mechanistic Asymmetry in Hsp90 Dimers.
Academic Article Systematic Mutant Analyses Elucidate General and Client-Specific Aspects of Hsp90 Function.
Academic Article The diverse roles of Hsp90 and where to find them.
Academic Article Pervasive contingency and entrenchment in a billion years of Hsp90 evolution.
Academic Article Comprehensive fitness maps of Hsp90 show widespread environmental dependence.
Academic Article The Adaptive Potential of the Middle Domain of Yeast Hsp90.
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