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Academic Article Expression of eotaxin by human lung epithelial cells: induction by cytokines and inhibition by glucocorticoids.
Academic Article Differential regulation of eotaxin expression by TNF-alpha and PMA in human monocytic U-937 cells.
Academic Article Elevated plasma eotaxin levels in patients with acute asthma.
Academic Article Eotaxin and impaired lung function in asthma.
Academic Article Monocyte chemoattractant protein (MCP)-4 expression in the airways of patients with asthma. Induction in epithelial cells and mononuclear cells by proinflammatory cytokines.
Academic Article Variant eotaxin: its effects on the asthma phenotype.
Academic Article Epithelial cells are a major cellular source of the chemokine eotaxin in the guinea pig lung.
Academic Article Plasma eotaxin level and severity of asthma treated with corticosteroid.
Academic Article Overexpression of eotaxin and the CCR3 receptor in human atherosclerosis: using genomic technology to identify a potential novel pathway of vascular inflammation.
Academic Article IL-1beta induces eotaxin gene transcription in A549 airway epithelial cells through NF-kappaB.
Academic Article A novel LPS-inducible CCR3 activator: why so many CCR3 ligands?
Academic Article Constitutive and allergen-induced expression of eotaxin mRNA in the guinea pig lung.
Academic Article Comparison of two methods for exhaled breath condensate collection.
Academic Article Ontogeny of the eotaxins in human lung.
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