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Academic Article An intensive communication intervention for the critically ill.
Academic Article Hospital mortality, length of stay, and preventable complications among critically ill patients before and after tele-ICU reengineering of critical care processes.
Academic Article Benchmark data from more than 240,000 adults that reflect the current practice of critical care in the United States.
Academic Article Interdisciplinary collaboration: the slogan that must be achieved for models of delivering critical care to be successful.
Academic Article Evaluation of the impact of a tele-ICU pharmacist on the management of sedation in critically ill mechanically ventilated patients.
Academic Article Effectiveness trial of an intensive communication structure for families of long-stay ICU patients.
Concept Critical Illness
Academic Article Prehospital management of evolving critical illness by the primary care provider.
Academic Article Quality measures for critically ill patients: where does ventilator-associated condition fit in?
Academic Article Thrombosis prophylaxis and mortality risk among critically ill adults.
Academic Article Critical care telemedicine: evolution and state of the art.
Academic Article ICU physician staffing: what else do we need to know?
Academic Article Standardizing communication from acute care providers to primary care providers on critically ill adults.
Academic Article ICU Telemedicine Program Financial Outcomes.
Academic Article Cost-effectiveness of Fluid Resuscitation of Critically Ill Adults: New Insights From Uncharted Territory.
Academic Article Red Blood Cell Product Transfusion Thresholds and Clinical Outcomes.
Academic Article Five-Year Trends of Critical Care Practice and Outcomes.
Academic Article Comparative Effectiveness of Proton Pump?Inhibitors vs Histamine Type 2 Receptor Blockers for Preventing Clinically Important Gastrointestinal Bleeding During?Intensive?Care: A Population-Based Study.
Academic Article Critical Care Surge Management: A Role for ICU Telemedicine and Emergency Department Collaboration.
Academic Article Workforce, Workload, and Burnout in Critical Care Organizations: Survey Results and Research Agenda.
Academic Article Application of Machine Learning Models to Biomedical and Information System Signals From Critically Ill Adults.
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