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B.S. 1995, Fudan University, P.R. China
Ph.D. 1999, Michigan State University
Postdoctoral Fellow 1999-2002, University of California Berkeley & Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Staff Scientist 2002-2006, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Research Interests

With an aging population, the demand for synthetic tissue scaffolds assisting the regenerative reconstruction of skeletal defects resulting from trauma, cancer and metabolic diseases is rising. Our lab is interested in 1) designing functional synthetic matrices to guide bone and cartilage tissue regeneration; 2) identifying and implementaing novel strategies for modulating synthetic niche properties as means to regulate stem cell fate; 3) improving osteointegration of and reducing periprosthetic infections associated with orthopedic metallic implants. Many of the synthetic matrices we designed are programmed with unique physical properties to facilitate surgical delivery (injectable formulations; minimally invasive delivery, and stable in vivo fixation), predictive in vivo degradation profiles, tunable biomechanical cues, and spatially controlled presentation and temporally controlled release of bioactive factors for regulating fate of stem/progenitor cells within the synthetic niche.


 Current Lab Members:

Song Lab 2017 ORS

San Diego (ORS meeting), March 2017

L to R: Yu, Ben, Tera, Jordan, Jie & Henry

Post Docs

A postdoc opening is available to participate in the development of functional biomaterials for skeletal tissue regeneration focusing on immune regulation and inflammation resolution. The fellow is expected to work both independently and collaboratively, and contribute to a productive and cordial team environment. Salary follows NIH postdoctoral fellowship compensation guideline.

• Recent PhD in Chemical Biology, Bioengineering, Biology, or Polymer Science
• Expertise in examining cell-material interactions (e.g. immune cell regulations, stem cell lineage commitment) OR synthesis and characterization of functional biomaterials expected
• Experience with animal studies desired but not required
• Self-motivated and organized, good written and oral communication skills.

To apply for this position: Send your CV and the contact information for three references to Jie.Song@umassmed.edu

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  • Regeneration