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Academic Article Mechanical characterization of thromboemboli in acute ischemic stroke and laboratory embolus analogs.
Academic Article The Trevo device: preclinical data of a novel stroke thrombectomy device in two different animal models of arterial thrombo-occlusive disease.
Academic Article Preclinical investigations for thrombectomy devices--does it translate to humans?
Academic Article Effectiveness of mechanical endovascular thrombectomy in a model system of cerebrovascular occlusion.
Academic Article Reduction in distal emboli with proximal flow control during mechanical thrombectomy: a quantitative in vitro study.
Concept Thrombectomy
Academic Article Risk of distal embolization with stent retriever thrombectomy and ADAPT.
Academic Article Two-year single-center experience with the 'Baby Trevo' stent retriever for mechanical thrombectomy in acute ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Quantitative assessment of device-clot interaction for stent retriever thrombectomy.
Academic Article An in vitro evaluation of distal emboli following Lazarus Cover-assisted stent retriever thrombectomy.
Academic Article Microcatheter navigation through the clot: does size matter?
Academic Article Complete clot ingestion with cyclical ADAPT increases first-pass recanalization and reduces distal embolization.
Academic Article A canine model of mechanical thrombectomy in stroke.
Academic Article Platelet-Rich Emboli in Cerebral Large Vessel Occlusion Are Associated With a Large Artery Atherosclerosis Source.
Academic Article Role of Balloon Guide Catheter in Modern Endovascular Thrombectomy.
Academic Article Histological stroke clot analysis after thrombectomy: Technical aspects and recommendations.
Academic Article Mechanical behavior of in vitro blood clots and the implications for acute ischemic stroke treatment.
Academic Article Biomechanics and hemodynamics of stent-retrievers.
Academic Article Efficacy of beveled tip aspiration catheter in mechanical thrombectomy for acute ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Quantitative Characterization of Recanalization and Distal Emboli with a Novel Thrombectomy Device.
Academic Article Modelling the impact of clot fragmentation on the microcirculation after thrombectomy.
Academic Article Association between clot composition and stroke origin in mechanical thrombectomy patients: analysis of the Stroke Thromboembolism Registry of Imaging and Pathology.
Academic Article Per pass analysis of thrombus composition retrieved by mechanical thrombectomy.
Academic Article Histological evaluation of acute ischemic stroke thrombi may indicate the occurrence of vessel wall injury during mechanical thrombectomy.
Academic Article A clinical perspective on endovascular stroke treatment biomechanics.
Academic Article Quantification of clot spatial heterogeneity and its impact on thrombectomy.
Academic Article Preclinical modeling of mechanical thrombectomy.
Academic Article Histological composition of retrieved emboli in acute ischemic stroke is independent of pre-thrombectomy alteplase use.
Academic Article Super large-bore ingestion of clot (SLIC) leads to high first pass effect in thrombectomy for large vessel occlusion.
Academic Article Impact of histological clot composition on preprocedure imaging and mechanical thrombectomy.
Academic Article Dawn of a New Era: Super Large-Bore Aspiration Catheters for Complete Clot Ingestion During Thrombectomy for Large-Vessel Occlusions.
Academic Article Development of a clot-adhesive coating to improve the performance of thrombectomy devices.
Academic Article Clot composition and recanalization outcomes in mechanical thrombectomy.
Academic Article Assessment of thrombectomy procedure difficulty by neurointerventionalists based on vessel geometry parameters from carotid artery 3D reconstructions.
Academic Article What is a?Challenging Clot? : A?DELPHI Consensus Statement from the CLOTS 7.0 Summit.
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