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Academic Article Ablation in mice of the mTORC components raptor, rictor, or mLST8 reveals that mTORC2 is required for signaling to Akt-FOXO and PKCalpha, but not S6K1.
Academic Article Postprandial hepatic lipid metabolism requires signaling through Akt2 independent of the transcription factors FoxA2, FoxO1, and SREBP1c.
Academic Article Rapamycin-induced insulin resistance is mediated by mTORC2 loss and uncoupled from longevity.
Concept Insulin
Concept Insulin Resistance
Concept Receptor, Insulin
Academic Article Adipocytes arise from multiple lineages that are heterogeneously and dynamically distributed.
Academic Article Adipose tissue mTORC2 regulates ChREBP-driven de novo lipogenesis and hepatic glucose metabolism.
Academic Article Systemic insulin sensitivity is regulated by GPS2 inhibition of AKT ubiquitination and activation in adipose tissue.
Academic Article The Complex Roles of Mechanistic Target of Rapamycin in Adipocytes and Beyond.
Academic Article Insulin PACS a Punch in SIRT1 Activity.
Academic Article Adipocyte ACLY Facilitates Dietary Carbohydrate Handling to Maintain Metabolic Homeostasis in Females.
Academic Article mTORC2/Akt activation in adipocytes is required for adipose tissue inflammation in tuberculosis.
Academic Article De Novo Lipogenesis as a Source of Second Messengers in Adipocytes.
Academic Article Proteome and Phosphoproteome Analysis of Brown Adipocytes Reveals That RICTOR Loss Dampens Global Insulin/AKT Signaling.
Academic Article Integrating adipocyte insulin signaling and metabolism in the multi-omics era.
Academic Article Proximity labeling of endogenous RICTOR identifies mTOR complex 2 regulation by ADP ribosylation factor ARF1.
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