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Concept Nucleic Acids
Concept Peptide Nucleic Acids
Academic Article Next-Generation Peptide Nucleic Acid Chimeras Exhibit High Affinity and Potent Gene Silencing.
Academic Article Nucleic Acid Therapeutics for Neurological Diseases.
Academic Article Differential stability of 2'F-ANA*RNA and ANA*RNA hybrid duplexes: roles of structure, pseudohydrogen bonding, hydration, ion uptake and flexibility.
Academic Article Allele-selective inhibition of ataxin-3 (ATX3) expression by antisense oligomers and duplex RNAs.
Academic Article 2'-fluoro-4'-thioarabino-modified oligonucleotides: conformational switches linked to siRNA activity.
Academic Article Effect of chemical modifications on modulation of gene expression by duplex antigene RNAs that are complementary to non-coding transcripts at gene promoters.
Academic Article Synergistic effects between analogs of DNA and RNA improve the potency of siRNA-mediated gene silencing.
Academic Article Locked Nucleic Acid Gapmers and Conjugates Potently Silence ADAM33, an Asthma-Associated Metalloprotease with Nuclear-Localized mRNA.
Academic Article Intratracheally administered LNA gapmer antisense oligonucleotides induce robust gene silencing in mouse lung fibroblasts.
Academic Article G-rich motifs within phosphorothioate-based antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) drive activation of FXN expression through indirect effects.
Academic Article Self-delivering, chemically modified CRISPR RNAs for AAV co-delivery and genome editing in vivo.
Academic Article Dendritic amphiphilic siRNA: Selective albumin binding, in?vivo efficacy, and low toxicity.
Academic Article A combinatorial approach for achieving CNS-selective RNAi.
Academic Article Quantifying the activity profile of ASO and siRNA conjugates in glioblastoma xenograft tumors in vivo.
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