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Research Interests

Current Grant Support
NIH/NIBIB K25EB019032-01A1 (Career Award) Clifford Lindsay (PI), 9/1/15-5/31/19
Title: Body Surface Tracking of Complex Motion with Obstructed Viewing in Hybrid Imaging
WPI/UMass 51470 Clifford Lindsay (co-PI), Michael A. King (co-PI), Michael Gennert (co-PI) 7/1/15-1/30/17
Title: A Novel Articulated Robotic Motion Phantom (ARMO) For Ground Truth Motion in Medical Imaging
NIH/NIBIB LRP-NOT-OD-15-121 (Clinical Research - Extramural Grant), Clifford Lindsay (PI), 07/01/2016-06/30/2018
Title: Toward whole-body, patient specific motion tracking in multi-modality imaging using novel marker-less methods
Past Grant Support
Philips Healthcare King (PI), 12/15/2012-01/01/2016
Title: Motion Tracking and Correction for PET Brain Imaging
NIH/NIBIB R01 EB001457-09   King (PI), 6/1/2003-3/31/2015
Title: Patient Motion Detection And Compensation In SPECT
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  • Multimodal Imaging