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I am a molecular biologist with a broad-spectrum background in biology, including biochemistry, microbiology and bioengineering. I have been investigating the molecular mechanism of cancer biology and metabolic disease for more than 10 years and have gained extensive research experience in oncology and obesity. My primary interests are to understand how cancer cells support their unlimited growth through manipulating metabolic pathways, the interplay between cancer and metabolic disorders, and the regulation of these processes at the epigenetic level.

My research is focused on BRG1, an ATPase of the SWI/SNF ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complex that regulates signaling pathways in cancer. Our findings suggest that BRG1 is required for cancer cell proliferation, survival, and resistance to therapeutic reagents. Moreover, BRG1 regulates de novo lipid synthesis, which is a hallmark of cancer. These results provide a broad signaling network mediated by BRG1 together with its cofactors in regulating cancer cell growth, survival, metabolism, and drug resistance. I’ve been performing transcriptomic analysis and ChIP-sequencing to facilitate our research using bioinformatic approaches. Meanwhile, I’ve also investigated BRG1 and its co-factor PRMT5, regulating signaling pathways in obesity and cancer. Our results suggest that BRG1 and PRMT5 are required for adipocyte differentiation. More importantly, BRG1 and PRMT5 regulate higher order chromatin structure to facilitate differentiation process. My research demonstrated a central role of BRG1 and its coactivators in in regulating metabolic related disease such as obesity. 

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