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Concept Laparoscopy
Academic Article Boot cAMP: educational outcomes after 4 successive years of preparatory simulation-based training at onset of internship.
Academic Article Analysis of errors in laparoscopic surgical procedures.
Academic Article The effects of viewing axis on laparoscopic performance: a comparison of non-expert and expert laparoscopic surgeons.
Academic Article Virtual reality and computer-enhanced training devices equally improve laparoscopic surgical skill in novices.
Academic Article Evaluation of advanced laparoscopic skills tasks for validity evidence.
Academic Article An ergonomic analysis of the effects of camera rotation on laparoscopic performance.
Academic Article Performance and ergonomic characteristics of expert surgeons using a face-mounted display during virtual reality-simulated laparoscopic surgery: an electromyographically based study.
Academic Article Virtual-reality training improves angled telescope skills in novice laparoscopists.
Academic Article Surgical resident performance on a virtual reality simulator correlates with operating room performance.
Academic Article Novices outperform experienced laparoscopists on virtual reality laparoscopy simulator.
Academic Article Laparoscopic treatment of fulminant ulcerative colitis.
Academic Article Prospective, randomized assessment of transfer of training (ToT) and transfer effectiveness ratio (TER) of virtual reality simulation training for laparoscopic skill acquisition.
Academic Article Persistent next-day effects of excessive alcohol consumption on laparoscopic surgical performance.
Academic Article Laparoscopic treatment of intestinal malrotation in adults.
Academic Article Ramifications of single-port laparoscopic surgery: measuring differences in task performance using simulation.
Academic Article Laparoscopic management of complex Crohn's disease.
Academic Article A new web-based operative skills assessment tool effectively tracks progression in surgical resident performance.
Academic Article Psychomotor skills assessment in practicing surgeons experienced in performing advanced laparoscopic procedures.
Academic Article Laparoscopic versus open incisional hernia repair: a single-institution analysis of hospital resource utilization for 884 consecutive cases.
Academic Article Computer-based laparoscopic and robotic surgical simulators: performance characteristics and perceptions of new users.
Academic Article Multicenter proficiency benchmarks for advanced laparoscopic suturing tasks.
Academic Article A computerised test of perceptual ability for learning endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery and other image guided procedures: Score norms for PicSOr.
Academic Article Outlier experienced surgeon's performances impact on benchmark for technical surgical skills training.
Academic Article Visual spatial ability for surgical trainees: implications for learning endoscopic, laparoscopic surgery and other image-guided procedures.
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