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Concept Histamine H3 Antagonists
Concept Histamine
Concept Histamine Agonists
Concept Histamine Release
Concept Histamine Antagonists
Concept Receptors, Histamine H3
Academic Article BF2.649 [1-{3-[3-(4-Chlorophenyl)propoxy]propyl}piperidine, hydrochloride], a nonimidazole inverse agonist/antagonist at the human histamine H3 receptor: Preclinical pharmacology.
Academic Article The psychostimulant and rewarding effects of cocaine in histidine decarboxylase knockout mice do not support the hypothesis of an inhibitory function of histamine on reward.
Academic Article The brain H3-receptor as a novel therapeutic target for vigilance and sleep-wake disorders.
Academic Article Brain histamine and schizophrenia: potential therapeutic applications of H3-receptor inverse agonists studied with BF2.649.
Academic Article Differential effects of acute and repeat dosing with the H3 antagonist GSK189254 on the sleep-wake cycle and narcoleptic episodes in Ox-/- mice.
Academic Article Orexin/hypocretin and histamine: distinct roles in the control of wakefulness demonstrated using knock-out mouse models.
Academic Article An inverse agonist of the histamine H(3) receptor improves wakefulness in narcolepsy: studies in orexin-/- mice and patients.
Academic Article Enhanced histaminergic neurotransmission and sleep-wake alterations, a study in histamine H3-receptor knock-out mice.
Academic Article The waking brain: an update.
Award or Honor Receipt Merit based travel award
Award or Honor Receipt Young Investigator Award, 1st prize
Academic Article Reassessing the Role of Histaminergic Tuberomammillary Neurons in Arousal Control.
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