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Concept Hearing Loss, Sensorineural
Academic Article Otologic outcomes after blast injury: the Boston Marathon experience.
Academic Article Pneumocephalus, hearing loss, and vertigo after airline flight in a patient with superior canal dehiscence.
Academic Article Auditory brainstem implant candidacy in the United States in children 0-17 years old.
Academic Article Direct parasagittal magnetic resonance imaging of the internal auditory canal to determine cochlear or auditory brainstem implant candidacy in children.
Academic Article Pneumocephalus, hearing loss, and vertigo after airline flight in a patient with superior canal dehiscence. In reply.
Academic Article Amblyaudia: Review of Pathophysiology, Clinical Presentation, and Treatment of a New Diagnosis.
Academic Article Is the cause of sensorineural hearing loss in patients with facial schwannomas multifactorial?
Academic Article Cycling exercise classes may be bad for your (hearing) health.
Academic Article Third-generation bisphosphonates for cochlear otosclerosis stabilizes sensorineural hearing loss in long-term follow-up.
Academic Article Human Otopathologic Findings in Cases of Folded Cochlear Implant Electrodes.
Academic Article Systematic review of hearing loss after traumatic brain injury without associated temporal bone fracture.
Academic Article Otopathologic Changes in the Cochlea following Head Injury without Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article Diffusion Tensor Imaging of Central Auditory Pathways in Patients with Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review.
Academic Article Mobile Hearing Testing Applications and the Diagnosis of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Cautionary Tale.
Academic Article Auditory Brainstem Implant Array Position Varies Widely Among Adult and Pediatric Patients and Is Associated With Perception.
Academic Article Otopathology of Unilateral Cochlear Implantation in Patients With Bilateral Temporal Bone Fracture.
Academic Article Human Otopathology of Cochlear Implant Drill-out Procedures.
Academic Article Patient-reported auditory handicap measures following mild traumatic brain injury.
Academic Article Limitations of present models of blast-induced sound power conduction through the external and middle ear.
Academic Article Location of Small Intracanalicular Vestibular Schwannomas Based on Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
Academic Article Are Cochlear Implants a Viable Option Following Temporal Bone Fracture?
Academic Article High-Frequency Conductive Hearing following Total Drum Replacement Tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Review of Audiovestibular Symptoms Following Exposure to Acoustic and Electromagnetic Energy Outside Conventional Human Hearing.
Academic Article Auditory Quality-of-Life Measures in Patients With Traumatic Brain Injury and Normal Pure Tone Audiometry.
Academic Article Hearing Vital Signs: Mobile Audiometry in the Emergency Department for Evaluation of Sudden Hearing Loss.
Academic Article A Systematic Review of Nonautologous Graft Materials Used in Human Tympanoplasty.
Academic Article Does stapedotomy improve high frequency conductive hearing?
Academic Article Assessment of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss After COVID-19 Vaccination.
Academic Article Characterization and Clinical Use of Bone Conduction Transducers at Extended High Frequencies.
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