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Concept Vitiligo
Academic Article CXCL10 is critical for the progression and maintenance of depigmentation in a mouse model of vitiligo.
Academic Article Innate immune mechanisms in vitiligo: danger from within.
Academic Article Simvastatin prevents and reverses depigmentation in a mouse model of vitiligo.
Academic Article Keratinocyte-Derived Chemokines Orchestrate T-Cell Positioning in the Epidermis during Vitiligo and May Serve as Biomarkers of Disease.
Academic Article A double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase-II clinical trial to evaluate oral simvastatin as a treatment for vitiligo.
Academic Article CXCR3 Depleting Antibodies Prevent and Reverse Vitiligo in Mice.
Academic Article Suction blistering the lesional skin of vitiligo patients reveals useful biomarkers of disease activity.
Academic Article Antibody blockade of IL-15 signaling has the potential to durably reverse vitiligo.
Academic Article Resident memory and recirculating memory T cells cooperate to maintain disease in a mouse model of vitiligo.
Academic Article Mouse Model for Human Vitiligo.
Academic Article JAK inhibitors reverse vitiligo in mice but do not deplete skin resident memory T cells.
Academic Article Type I interferon signaling limits viral vector priming of CD8+ T cells during initiation of vitiligo and melanoma immunotherapy.
Academic Article Case Series: Gene Expression Analysis in Canine Vogt-Koyanagi-Harada/Uveodermatologic Syndrome and Vitiligo Reveals Conserved Immunopathogenesis Pathways Between Dog and Human Autoimmune Pigmentary Disorders.

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