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Academic Article Nomenclature and definitions for emergency department human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) testing: report from the 2007 conference of the National Emergency Department HIV Testing Consortium.
Concept Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
Concept tat Gene Products, Human Immunodeficiency Virus
Academic Article Efficacy and tolerability of long-term efavirenz plus nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors for HIV-1 infection.
Academic Article Cryptococcal immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome: report of four cases in three patients and review of the literature.
Academic Article Neurocognitive effects of treatment interruption in stable HIV-positive patients in an observational cohort.
Academic Article SPECT thallium-201 combined with Toxoplasma serology for the presumptive diagnosis of focal central nervous system mass lesions in patients with AIDS.
Academic Article Granulocytopenia secondary to acute infection with the human immunodeficiency virus.
Academic Article Osteonecrosis in human immunodeficiency virus-infected patients may not be related to immune reconstitution.
Academic Article Focal neurological disease in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome.
Academic Article Images in HIV/AIDS. Painful oral ulcerations in a patient with AIDS.
Academic Article Human immunodeficiency virus infection in patients older than 50 years. A survey of primary care physicians' beliefs, practices, and knowledge.
Academic Article HIV-1 Tat interactions with p300 and PCAF transcriptional coactivators inhibit histone acetylation and neurotrophin signaling through CREB.
Academic Article Subacute onset of paralysis in a person with AIDS.
Academic Article Nontunneled central venous catheters in patients with AIDS are associated with a low infection rate.
Academic Article Interruption of antiretroviral treatment in HIV-infected patients with preserved immune function is associated with a low rate of clinical progression: a prospective study by AIDS Clinical Trials Group 5170.
Academic Article Sulfonamide-induced reactions in desensitized patients with AIDS--the role of covalent protein haptenation by sulfamethoxazole.
Academic Article Changes in mortality related to human immunodeficiency virus infection: comparative analysis of inpatient deaths in 1995 and in 1999-2000.
Academic Article Survival is prolonged by highly active antiretroviral therapy in AIDS patients with primary central nervous system lymphoma.
Academic Article Myocardial Steatosis Among Antiretroviral Therapy-Treated People With Human Immunodeficiency Virus Participating in the REPRIEVE Trial.
Academic Article Transcriptomic Signatures of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Post-Treatment Control.
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