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Academic Article Incidentally detected misty mesentery on CT: risk of malignancy correlates with mesenteric lymph node size.
Concept Tomography, X-Ray Computed
Academic Article Pleomorphic liposarcoma of the inferior vena cava.
Academic Article Interventional radiology and cross sectional imaging in venous access.
Academic Article Traumatic aortic tear: screening with chest CT.
Academic Article Possible causes of inconclusive results on CT-guided thoracic and abdominal core biopsies.
Academic Article Sequential helical CT angiography of aortoiliac disease.
Academic Article Comparison of tailored and empiric scan delays for CT angiography of the abdomen.
Academic Article Delayed intravenous contrast medium washout from the small bowel in patients with pancreatic carcinoma and splanchnic venous invasion.
Academic Article The use of helical CT and CT angiography to predict vascular involvement from pancreatic cancer: correlation with findings at surgery.
Academic Article Excretory phase CT urography for opacification of the urinary collecting system.
Academic Article CT detection of layering of i.v. contrast material in the abdominal aorta.
Academic Article Development of virtual CT cholangiopancreatoscopy.
Academic Article Alterations in hepatic perfusion resulting from splanchnic venous luminal compromise caused by pancreatic carcinoma.
Academic Article Re: Internal mammary artery pseudoaneurysm complicating central venous line placement: treatment with percutaneous thrombin injection.
Academic Article Small-bowel perfusion measurement: feasibility with single-compartment kinetic model applied to dynamic contrast-enhanced CT.
Academic Article CT perfusion imaging: know its assumptions and limitations.
Academic Article Feasibility of measurement of pancreatic perfusion parameters with single-compartment kinetic model applied to dynamic contrast-enhanced CT images.
Academic Article Pancreatic atrophy in patients with chronic graft-versus-host disease.
Academic Article CT-guided core biopsy and percutaneous fiducial seed placement in the lung: can these procedures be combined without an increase in complication rate or decrease in technical success?
Academic Article Calcium score: semiautomatic calculation using different vendors versus fully automatic software.
Academic Article Diagnostic yield and clinical impact of microbiologic diagnosis from CT-guided drainage in patients previously treated with empiric antibiotics.
Academic Article The Incidental Splenic Mass at CT: Does It Need Further Work-up? An Observational Study.
Academic Article Comparison of technical success and safety of transbronchial versus percutaneous CT-guided fiducial placement for SBRT of lung tumors.
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