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Academic Article Yoga, Physical Therapy, or Education for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Noninferiority Trial.
Academic Article Health Disparities in Access to Nonpharmacologic Therapies in an Urban Community.
Academic Article Lessons Learned and Strategies for Recruitment of Diverse, Low-income Patients into an Integrative Medical Group Visit Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Effectiveness of integrative medicine group visits in chronic pain and depressive symptoms: A randomized controlled trial.
Academic Article An Innovative Electronic Health Toolkit (Our Whole Lives for Chronic Pain) to Reduce Chronic Pain in Patients With Health Disparities: Open Clinical Trial.
Academic Article Design of the integrative medical group visits randomized control trial for underserved patients with chronic pain and depression.
Academic Article Neural activations during self-related processing in patients with chronic pain and effects of a brief self-compassion training - A pilot study.
Academic Article Brief Self-Compassion Training Alters Neural Responses to Evoked Pain for Chronic Low Back Pain: A Pilot Study.
Academic Article Food Habits, Stressors, and Use of Complementary Medicine Therapies Among Pediatric Patients Who Attend an Integrative Medicine Pediatric Pain Clinic.
Academic Article Living with chronic pain: Evaluating patient experiences with a medical group visit focused on mindfulness and non-pharmacological strategies.
Academic Article The Latino Integrative Medical Group Visit as a Model for Pain Reduction in Underserved Spanish Speakers.
Academic Article Medical group visits: a feasibility study to manage patients with chronic pain in an underserved urban clinic.
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