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Concept Heart Diseases
Academic Article Development and Validation of a Predictive Model for Short- and Medium-Term Hospital Readmission Following Heart Valve Surgery.
Academic Article Employment Status and Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation: DOES ENCOURAGING EARLIER ENROLLMENT IMPROVE ATTENDANCE?
Academic Article 2018 ACC/AHA Clinical Performance and Quality Measures for Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Report of the American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association Task Force on Performance Measures.
Academic Article Short-Term Safety of Nicotine Replacement in Smokers Hospitalized With Coronary Heart Disease.
Academic Article Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Among Smokers Hospitalized for Coronary Heart Disease.
Academic Article Diagnostic performance of weight loss to predict body fatness improvement in cardiac rehabilitation patients.
Academic Article Diagnostic performance of skinfold method to identify obesity as measured by air displacement plethysmography in cardiac rehabilitation.
Academic Article Safety of early enrollment into outpatient cardiac rehabilitation after open heart surgery.
Academic Article An early appointment to outpatient cardiac rehabilitation at hospital discharge improves attendance at orientation: a randomized, single-blind, controlled trial.
Academic Article Survey Reported Participation in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Survival After Mitral or Aortic Valve Surgery.
Academic Article Effect of Smoking Status on Exercise Perception and Intentions for Cardiac Rehabilitation Enrollment Among Patients Hospitalized With an Acute Cardiac Condition.
Academic Article Cardiac Rehabilitation Utilization During an Acute Cardiac Hospitalization: A NATIONAL SAMPLE.
Academic Article Patient Perception of How Smoking Status Influences Cardiac Rehabilitation Attendance After an Acute Cardiac Hospitalization.
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