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Concept Aged, 80 and over
Academic Article Hospital Readmissions after Surgery: How Important Are Hospital and Specialty Factors?
Academic Article Body Mass Index, Falls, and Hip Fractures Among Nursing Home Residents.
Academic Article Outcomes associated with a home care telehealth intervention.
Academic Article Veterans' health and access to care in the year after September 11, 2001.
Academic Article Unforeseen inpatient mortality among veterans with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Likelihood of home death associated with local rates of home birth: influence of local area healthcare preferences on site of death.
Academic Article Serious mental illnesses associated with receipt of surgery in retrospective analysis of patients in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Prescription Opioid Duration, Dose, and Increased Risk of Depression in 3 Large Patient Populations.
Academic Article Protective and Risk Factors for 5-Year Survival in the Oldest Veterans: Data from the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Impact of adherence to antidepressants on long-term prescription opioid use cessation.
Academic Article Postdischarge Correlates of Health Literacy Among Medicaid Inpatients.
Academic Article Psychotropic Pharmacotherapy Associated With QT Prolongation Among Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder.
Academic Article New-onset type-2 diabetes associated with atypical antipsychotic medications.
Academic Article Patterns of primary care and mortality among patients with schizophrenia or diabetes: a cluster analysis approach to the retrospective study of healthcare utilization.
Academic Article Health care utilization by older alcohol-using veterans: effects of a brief intervention to reduce at-risk drinking.
Academic Article Diagnosis of pulmonary malignancy after hospitalization for pneumonia.
Academic Article Suicide-related behaviors in older patients with new anti-epileptic drug use: data from the VA hospital system.
Academic Article An intervention for VA patients with congestive heart failure.
Academic Article Serious mental illness, aging, and utilization patterns among veterans.
Academic Article Impact of previous statin and angiotensin II receptor blocker use on mortality in patients hospitalized with sepsis.
Academic Article Diagnostic classifications and resource utilization of decedents served by the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Academic Article Cancer rates, medical comorbidities, and treatment modalities in the oldest patients.
Academic Article Impact of obesity on outcomes for patients hospitalised with pneumonia.
Academic Article The quality of quality measures: HEDIS? quality measures for medication management in the elderly and outcomes associated with new exposure.
Academic Article Factors in second-generation antipsychotic switching patterns in a national sample of older veterans with schizophrenia.
Academic Article Variation in antiepileptic drug adherence among older patients with new-onset epilepsy.
Academic Article Association of azithromycin with mortality and cardiovascular events among older patients hospitalized with pneumonia.
Academic Article Mortality after cardiac or vascular operations by preexisting serious mental illness status in the Veterans Health Administration.
Academic Article Pneumonia in the elderly hospitalized in the Department of Veteran Affairs Health Care System.
Academic Article Incidence of cardiovascular events after hospital admission for pneumonia.
Academic Article Psychiatric and medical admissions observed among elderly patients with new-onset epilepsy.
Academic Article Primary care-mental health integration and treatment retention among Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans.
Academic Article Use of obesity-related care by psychiatric patients.
Academic Article The influence of prescription opioid use duration and dose on development of treatment resistant depression.
Academic Article Military Sexual Trauma and Obesity Among Women Veterans.
Academic Article Multiple chronic condition profiles and survival among oldest-old male patients with hip fracture.
Academic Article New-onset depression following stable, slow, and rapid rate of prescription opioid dose escalation.
Academic Article Guidelines impact cholesterol management.
Academic Article Are psychiatric disorders independent risk factors for new-onset epilepsy in older individuals?
Academic Article Clinical Utility of Testing for Legionella Pneumonia in Central Texas.
Academic Article Disparities of care for African-Americans and Caucasians with community-acquired pneumonia: a retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Association Between Preoperative Hemoglobin A1c Levels, Postoperative Hyperglycemia, and Readmissions Following Gastrointestinal Surgery.
Academic Article Mortality and guideline-concordant care for older patients with schizophrenia: a retrospective longitudinal study.
Academic Article Pulmonary disease among inpatient decedents: Impact of schizophrenia.
Academic Article Safety of outpatient dalteparin therapy in veterans with mechanical heart valves.
Academic Article Association of skeletal muscle relaxers and antihistamines on mortality, hospitalizations, and emergency department visits in elderly patients: a nationwide retrospective cohort study.
Academic Article Prediabetes assessment and follow-up in older veterans with schizophrenia.
Academic Article The association of opioid use duration and new depression episode among patients with and without insomnia.
Academic Article Veterans' disclosure of trauma to healthcare providers.
Academic Article Racial/Ethnic disparities in monitoring metabolic parameters for patients with schizophrenia receiving antipsychotic medications.
Academic Article Nurse practitioners as primary care providers within the VA.
Academic Article Pneumococcal vaccination rates in VHA patients with inflammatory bowel disease.
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