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full name Athma A Pai PhD
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last name Pai
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A postdoctoral position is available to study in this laboratory. Contact Dr. Pai for additional details.

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Academic Article DNase?I sensitivity QTLs are a major determinant of human expression variation.
Academic Article The combination of a genome-wide association study of lymphocyte count and analysis of gene expression data reveals novel asthma candidate genes.
Academic Article Deciphering the genetic architecture of variation in the immune response to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.
Academic Article Dissecting the within-Africa ancestry of populations of African descent in the Americas.
Academic Article Noisy splicing drives mRNA isoform diversity in human cells.
Academic Article Accurate inference of transcription factor binding from DNA sequence and chromatin accessibility data.
Academic Article Evaluation of group genetic ancestry of populations from Philadelphia and Dakar in the context of sex-biased admixture in the Americas.
Academic Article Effect of read-mapping biases on detecting allele-specific expression from RNA-sequencing data.
Academic Article Genetic variation in the enigmatic Altaian Kazakhs of South-Central Russia: insights into Turkic population history.
Academic Article Numerous recursive sites contribute to accuracy of splicing in long introns in flies.
Academic Article Bayesian nonparametric discovery of isoforms and individual specific quantification.
Academic Article Environmental perturbations lead to extensive directional shifts in RNA processing.
Academic Article Widespread Shortening of 3' Untranslated Regions and Increased Exon Inclusion Are Evolutionarily Conserved Features of Innate Immune Responses to Infection.
Academic Article The genetic and mechanistic basis for variation in gene regulation.
Academic Article Comparative studies of gene regulatory mechanisms.
Academic Article Regulatory element copy number differences shape primate expression profiles.
Academic Article Anterior plagiocephaly in an atypical case of apert syndrome.
Academic Article Controls of nucleosome positioning in the human genome.
Academic Article The contribution of RNA decay quantitative trait loci to inter-individual variation in steady-state gene expression levels.
Academic Article Dissecting the regulatory architecture of gene expression QTLs.
Academic Article A genome-wide study of DNA methylation patterns and gene expression levels in multiple human and chimpanzee tissues.
Academic Article DNA methylation patterns associate with genetic and gene expression variation in HapMap cell lines.
Academic Article Understanding mechanisms underlying human gene expression variation with RNA sequencing.
Academic Article NOTCH2 mutations cause Alagille syndrome, a heterogeneous disorder of the notch signaling pathway.
Academic Article Environmental influences on RNA processing: Biochemical, molecular and genetic regulators of cellular response.
Academic Article Nuclear Localization of Huntingtin mRNA Is Specific to Cells of Neuronal Origin.
Academic Article The kinetics of pre-mRNA splicing in the Drosophila genome and the influence of gene architecture.
Academic Article Principles for RNA metabolism and alternative transcription initiation within closely spaced promoters.
Academic Article RNA-seq: impact of RNA degradation on transcript quantification.
Academic Article Bacterial infection remodels the DNA methylation landscape of human dendritic cells.
Academic Article A divalent siRNA chemical scaffold for potent and sustained modulation of gene expression throughout the central nervous system.
Academic Article Self-inactivating, all-in-one AAV vectors for precision Cas9 genome editing via homology-directed repair in vivo.
Academic Article Widespread occurrence of hybrid internal-terminal exons in human transcriptomes.
Academic Article High-throughput analysis of ANRIL circRNA isoforms in human pancreatic islets.
Academic Article Editorial: Alternative Polyadenylation in Development and Disease.
Academic Article A cohesin traffic pattern genetically linked to gene regulation.
Academic Article G-rich motifs within phosphorothioate-based antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) drive activation of FXN expression through indirect effects.
Academic Article The lncRNA LUCAT1 is elevated in inflammatory disease and restrains inflammation by regulating the splicing and stability of NR4A2.
Academic Article Challenges in identifying mRNA transcript starts and ends from long-read sequencing data.
Academic Article Genome-wide kinetic profiling of pre-mRNA 3' end cleavage.
Academic Article mRNA initiation and termination are spatially coordinated.
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