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Concept Multiple Sclerosis, Relapsing-Remitting
Concept Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Progressive
Concept Multiple Sclerosis
Academic Article Safety of serial monthly administration of triple-dose gadopentetate dimeglumine in multiple sclerosis patients: preliminary results of the BECOME trial.
Academic Article Hypophosphatemia is Associated with the Serial Administration of Triple-Dose Gadolinium to Patients for Brain MRI.
Academic Article Validation of the World Health Organization Disability Assessment Schedule II (WHODAS-II) in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Exploring potential mechanisms of action of natalizumab in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Identification and validation of clinically meaningful benchmarks in the 12-item Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale.
Academic Article MRI evidence of acute inflammation in leukocortical lesions of patients with early multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Optimal Intereye Difference Thresholds in Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness for Predicting a Unilateral Optic Nerve Lesion in Multiple Sclerosis.
Academic Article Addressing the targeting range of the ABILHAND-56 in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: A mixed methods psychometric study.
Academic Article Initial Impairment and Recovery of Vision-Related Functioning in Participants With Acute Optic Neuritis From the RENEW Trial of Opicinumab.
Academic Article Effect of natalizumab on disease progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (ASCEND): a phase 3, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial with an open-label extension.
Academic Article Development of a gait module to complement the 12-item Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale: a mixed methods study.
Academic Article Heterogeneity in longitudinal evolution of ring-enhancing multiple sclerosis lesions.
Academic Article Validation of patient determined disease steps (PDDS) scale scores in persons with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Clinically meaningful performance benchmarks in MS: timed 25-foot walk and the real world.
Academic Article Effect of anti-IFN{beta} antibodies on MRI lesions of MS patients in the BECOME study.
Academic Article [Responsiveness of the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) to disease progression and therapeutic intervention in progressive forms of multiple sclerosis].
Academic Article Impact of inflammation on brain volume in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Reliability and equivalence of alternate forms for the Symbol Digit Modalities Test: implications for multiple sclerosis clinical trials.
Academic Article We should use magnetic resonance imaging to classify and monitor the course of multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Magnetic resonance imaging pattern in natalizumab-associated progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy.
Academic Article Impact of natalizumab on ambulatory improvement in secondary progressive and disabled relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Serum levels of CXCL13 are elevated in active multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Reliability of a cognitive endpoint for use in a multiple sclerosis pharmaceutical trial.
Academic Article Cognitive processing speed has minimal influence on the construct validity of Multiple Sclerosis Walking Scale-12 scores.
Academic Article Longitudinal changes in self-reported walking ability in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Clinical consequences of MRI activity in treated multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Comparison of disease activity in SPMS and PPMS in the context of multicenter clinical trials.
Academic Article The EDSS-Plus, an improved endpoint for disability progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article MTR recovery in brain lesions in the BECOME study of glatiramer acetate vs interferon ?-1b.
Academic Article Assessing clinical correlates of self-rated disability in patients with multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Feasibility of the use of combinatorial chemokine arrays to study blood and CSF in multiple sclerosis.
Academic Article Safety and efficacy of opicinumab in patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis (SYNERGY): a randomised, placebo-controlled, phase 2 trial.
Academic Article Gray Matter Nucleus Hyperintensity After Monthly Triple-Dose Gadopentetate Dimeglumine With Long-term Magnetic Resonance Imaging.
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