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Academic Article Improving the quality of medication use in elderly patients: a not-so-simple prescription.
Academic Article Potentially inappropriate prescribing in Ontario community-dwelling older adults and nursing home residents.
Academic Article The age/gender interface in geriatric pharmacotherapy.
Academic Article Patients at-risk for cost-related medication nonadherence: a review of the literature.
Academic Article Administrative data used to identify patients with irritable bowel syndrome.
Academic Article A new measure of medication affordability.
Academic Article Beyond the prescription: medication monitoring and adverse drug events in older adults.
Academic Article Quality measurement of medication monitoring in the "meaningful use" era.
Academic Article Time trends in medication use and expenditures in older patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Drug benefit plans under managed care: to what extent do older subscribers selecting less drug coverage put themselves at increased financial risk?
Academic Article Cost-related medication nonadherence in older patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
Academic Article Prescription drug use in pregnancy.
Academic Article Potentially inappropriate prescribing in Canada relative to the US.
Academic Article Potential medication dosing errors in outpatient pediatrics.
Academic Article Effect of New York State regulatory action on benzodiazepine prescribing and hip fracture rates.
Academic Article Medicare beneficiaries and free prescription drug samples: a national survey.
Academic Article Out-of-pocket burden of health care spending and the adequacy of the Medicare Part D low-income subsidy.
Academic Article Effect of clinical decision support on psychotropic medication prescribing in the long-term care setting.
Academic Article Medicare part D and changes in prescription drug use and cost burden: national estimates for the Medicare population, 2000 to 2007.
Academic Article Patient completion of laboratory tests to monitor medication therapy: a mixed-methods study.
Concept Prescription Drugs
Concept Prescription Fees
Concept Prescriptions
Concept Drug Prescriptions
Academic Article Dr. Harrold, et al reply.
Academic Article Medication affordability gains following Medicare Part D are eroding among elderly with multiple chronic conditions.
Academic Article Factors associated with ordering laboratory monitoring of high-risk medications.
Academic Article Optimization of Drug Prescription and Medication Management in Older Adults with Cardiovascular Disease.
Academic Article Antipsychotic Drug Prescribing In Nursing Homes-Reply.
Academic Article Geriatric Conditions and Prescription of Vitamin K Antagonists vs. Direct Oral Anticoagulants Among Older Patients With Atrial Fibrillation: SAGE-AF.

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