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Academic Article Structure of the ribosome with elongation factor G trapped in the pretranslocation state.
Concept Ribosome Subunits
Concept Ribosome Subunits, Large, Bacterial
Concept Ribosome Subunits, Small, Bacterial
Concept Ribosome Subunits, Large
Concept Ribosomes
Academic Article Taura syndrome virus IRES initiates translation by binding its tRNA-mRNA-like structural element in the ribosomal decoding center.
Academic Article Structures of yeast 80S ribosome-tRNA complexes in the rotated and nonrotated conformations.
Academic Article Ensemble cryo-EM uncovers inchworm-like translocation of a viral IRES through the ribosome.
Academic Article Ribosomeā€¢RelA structures reveal the mechanism of stringent response activation.
Academic Article Mechanism of ribosome rescue by ArfA and RF2.
Academic Article Ensemble cryo-EM elucidates the mechanism of translation fidelity.
Academic Article Ab initio resolution measurement for single particle structures.
Academic Article Likelihood-based classification of cryo-EM images using FREALIGN.
Academic Article Frealign: An Exploratory Tool for Single-Particle Cryo-EM.
Academic Article Structure of RNA polymerase bound to ribosomal 30S subunit.
Academic Article Analysis of discrete local variability and structural covariance in macromolecular assemblies using Cryo-EM and focused classification.
Academic Article mRNA stem-loops can pause the ribosome by hindering A-site tRNA binding.
Academic Article Locating macromolecular assemblies in cells by 2D template matching with cisTEM.
Concept Internal Ribosome Entry Sites
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