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I am an academic plastic surgeon-scientist dedicated to improving patients’ care through research and innovation in restorative and regenerative surgery.

The RESICE (Restorative & Regenerative Surgery Innovation Center) group I lead adopts an integrated approach to comprehensively address multiple areas of need and to successfully achieve its goal of bringing innovation to patient care. Our work includes laboratory-based translational research, clinical trials, development of medical devices, studies on the improvement of surgical education, and investigations on global surgery initiatives. Major areas of interest and focus are listed in the sections below (see: Post-doc section) or on our website.

We value multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary collaborations within and beyond biomedical sciences. Our extensive network of local, regional, national, and international partners is instrumental to our mission and we are always open to engage in new collaborative efforts to continue to advance it.

In the last decade, we have been fortunate to work with the federal government (Department of Defense), foundations, and industry. We believe each of these stakeholders are pivotal for transforming health care, and we look forward to further expanding our interactions with them.

Post Docs

Our team welcomes applications from individuals interested in advancing clinical care, science, and education through multidisciplinary innovation and research in restorative, regenerative, and global surgery.

Positions are available for national and international undergraduate, graduate (including residents), and post-graduate students with a broad range of diverse expertise and backgrounds.

Please submit your request along your CV to: giorgio.giatsidis@umassmed.edu

Main areas of interest

* Biological Sciences (wound healing & burns, tissue engineering, scaffolds, tissue mechanobiology, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, tissue regeneration [skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, skin], scarring and fibrosis, aging, tissue allotransplantation)

* Clinical Sciences (trials in plastic surgery [breast reconstruction, post-bariatric surgery, burns, chronic wounds, fat grafting], microsurgery, extremity trauma and replantation, aesthetic surgery/medicine)

* Global Surgery & Advocacy

* Surgical Education (design and evaluation of skill courses, simulation-based training, cadaver-based training, use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in surgical education)

* Biomedical Engineering (design and development of devices or technologies for wound care, tissue preservation, trauma care, surgical robotics, tissue imaging, and tissue diagnostics)

* Software Engineering (mHealth applications in surgery, tele-surgery)

* Art sciences (Medical illustrations)

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