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Our team welcomes applications from individuals interested in advancing clinical care, science, and education through multidisciplinary innovation and research in restorative, regenerative, and global surgery.

Positions are available for national and international undergraduate, graduate (including residents), and post-graduate students with a broad range of diverse expertise and backgrounds.

Please submit your request along your CV to: giorgio.giatsidis@umassmed.edu

Main areas of interest

* Biological Sciences (wound healing & burns, tissue engineering, scaffolds, tissue mechanobiology, angiogenesis, lymphangiogenesis, tissue regeneration [skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, skin], scarring and fibrosis, aging, tissue allotransplantation)

* Clinical Sciences (trials in plastic surgery [breast reconstruction, post-bariatric surgery, burns, chronic wounds, fat grafting], microsurgery, extremity trauma and replantation, aesthetic surgery/medicine)

* Global Surgery & Advocacy

* Surgical Education (design and evaluation of skill courses, simulation-based training, cadaver-based training, use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in surgical education)

* Biomedical Engineering (design and development of devices or technologies for wound care, tissue preservation, trauma care, surgical robotics, tissue imaging, and tissue diagnostics)

* Software Engineering (mHealth applications in surgery, tele-surgery)

* Art sciences (Medical illustrations)

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Concept Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy
Concept Surgical Wound Dehiscence
Concept Injury Severity Score
Concept Facial Nerve Injuries
Concept Wounds, Nonpenetrating
Concept Facial Injuries
Concept Reperfusion Injury
Concept Neck Injuries
Concept Surgical Wound Infection
Concept Craniocerebral Trauma
Concept Wounds and Injuries
Academic Article Adipose-derived aldehyde dehydrogenase-expressing cells promote dermal regenerative potential with collagen-glycosaminoglycan scaffold.
Academic Article Regulation of impaired angiogenesis in diabetic dermal wound healing by microRNA-26a.
Academic Article Skin Substitutes and Bioscaffolds: Temporary and Permanent Coverage.
Academic Article Negative pressure therapy potential enhancement with a biointeractive hyaluronan acid scaffold interface: case report.
Academic Article Closed Incision Negative-Pressure Therapy (ciNPT) Reduces Minor Local Complications in Post-bariatric Abdominoplasty Body Contouring: a Retrospective Case-Control Series.
Academic Article Fascia lata allografts as biological mesh in abdominal wall repair: preliminary outcomes from a retrospective case series.
Academic Article The role of gene therapy in regenerative surgery: updated insights.
Academic Article Response to "Avoiding tension of wound closure in reduction mammaplasty and mastopexy in previously irradiated breasts".
Academic Article Head and neck burns are associated with long-term patient-reported dissatisfaction with appearance: A Burn Model System National Database study.
Academic Article Gene expression profiling of skeletal muscle after volumetric muscle loss.
Academic Article MicroRNA-135a-3p regulates angiogenesis and tissue repair by targeting p38 signaling in endothelial cells.
Academic Article Reflections on a Decade of Face Transplantation.
Academic Article Mouse Mast Cell Protease-4 Recruits Leukocytes in the Inflammatory Phase of Surgically Wounded Skin.
Academic Article Multidisciplinary care in severe pediatric electrical oral burn.
Academic Article Facial-nerve regeneration ability of a hybrid artificial nerve conduit containing uncultured adipose-derived stromal vascular fraction: An experimental study.
Academic Article Development of a large-volume human-derived adipose acellular allogenic flap by perfusion decellularization.
Academic Article Drug delivery systems and materials for wound healing applications.
Academic Article Discussion: Ischemic Preconditioning and Iloprost Reduces Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury in Jejunal Flaps: An Animal Model.
Academic Article Discussion: Protective Effect of Hydrogen Gas Inhalation on Muscular Damage Using a Mouse Hindlimb Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Model.
Academic Article Embryonic stem cell extracts improve wound healing in diabetic mice.
Academic Article Discussion: Low Complication Rates Using Closed-Incision Negative-Pressure Therapy for Panniculectomies: A Single-Surgeon, Retrospective, Uncontrolled Case Series.
Academic Article Hydrosurgical Debridement Allows Effective Wound Bed Preparation of Pressure Injuries: A Prospective Case Series.
Academic Article NPWTi allows safe delayed free flap repair of Gustilo IIIb injuries: A prospective case series.
Concept Surgical Wound
Concept Abdominal Wound Closure Techniques
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