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Our laboratory focuses on the rates, causes, and consequences of somatic mutations in the human brain. The genome is under relentless attack by environmental and endogenous mutagens. This onslaught sometimes results in somatic mutation, which results in neighboring cells in an organ like the human brain having distinct genotypes, and raises the possibility that genetic information is lost in cells of the body as we age. Indeed, our work has shown that somatic mutations accumulate in post-mitotic human neurons during aging, sometimes affecting genes critical for neuronal function.

Somatic mutations are ultra-rare and cannot be studied using standard genomic analysis. Work in our lab involves applying cutting-edge single-cell genomic techniques pioneered by us and other groups to new questions in the field of somatic mutation, as well as innovating new technologies to allow us and the rest of the field to continue to study this process.

For more information about our lab, please visit our lab website.

Rotation Projects

Rotations will revolve around studying somatic mutations in the normal brain, in the diseased brain, and outside of the brain using single-cell genomics. Please contact Dr. Lodato for details.

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