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Concept Diagnosis, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer Simulation
Concept Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Computer-Assisted Instruction
Concept Radiographic Image Interpretation, Computer-Assisted
Concept Image Processing, Computer-Assisted
Academic Article Dose reduction in computed tomographic angiography of pregnant patients with suspected acute pulmonary embolism.
Academic Article Impact of lung volume on MR signal intensity changes of the lung parenchyma.
Academic Article Automatic patient-instruction devices in thin-section CT of the thorax: impact on image quality.
Academic Article Radiographic evaluation of central venous catheter position: anatomic correlation using gated coronary computed tomographic angiography.
Academic Article Ventilation-perfusion ratio of signal intensity in human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Three-dimensional spiral CT cholangiography in patients with suspected obstructive biliary disease: comparison with endoscopic retrograde cholangiography.
Academic Article Gravitational gradients in expiratory computed tomography examinations of patients with small airways disease: effect of body position on extent of air trapping.
Academic Article Effect of lung inflation on arterial spin labeling signal in MR perfusion imaging of human lung.
Academic Article [Spiral CT in acute pulmonary embolism].
Academic Article [Spiral-CT [corrected] in chronic lung thromboembolism.
Academic Article Single-breath test in lateral decubitus reflects function of single lungs grafted for interstitial lung disease.
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of the respiratory phase in healthy individuals.
Academic Article [From morphology to function: progress in integrated lung imaging using computerized tomography and magnetic resonance tomography].
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of respiratory phase and correlation to lung function test results in patients with diffuse lung disease.
Academic Article Gravity-dependent signal gradients on MR images of the lung in supine and prone positions: a comparison with isogravitational signal variability.
Academic Article Pulmonary emphysema: subjective visual grading versus objective quantification with macroscopic morphometry and thin-section CT densitometry.
Academic Article Double inversion recovery imaging of the brain: initial experience and comparison with fluid attenuated inversion recovery imaging.
Academic Article Bronchial collapsibility at forced expiration in healthy volunteers: assessment with multidetector CT.
Academic Article Regional heterogeneity of air trapping at expiratory thin-section CT of patients with bronchiolitis: potential implications for dose reduction and CT protocol planning.
Academic Article Determination of regional pulmonary parenchymal strain during normal respiration using spin inversion tagged magnetization MRI.
Academic Article Software-based risk stratification of pulmonary adenocarcinomas manifesting as pure ground glass nodules on computed tomography.
Academic Article [Imaging in intensive care. Methods, indications, diagnostic signs. I].
Academic Article Computed tomography angiography for suspected pulmonary embolism: comparison of 2 adaptive statistical iterative reconstruction blends to filtered back-projection alone.

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