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Concept Imaging, Three-Dimensional
Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diagnostic Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Echo-Planar Imaging
Concept Phantoms, Imaging
Concept Cardiac-Gated Imaging Techniques
Academic Article Mycobacterium xenopi infection of a 50-year-old oil plombage complicated by bronchopleural and pleurocutaneous fistulas.
Academic Article Venous contrast fluid level in computed tomography.
Academic Article Multiplanar imaging in the preoperative assessment of metallic intraocular foreign bodies. Helical computed tomography versus conventional computed tomography.
Academic Article Imaging of Large Airways Disorders.
Academic Article Dose reduction strategies for thoracic multidetector computed tomography: background, current issues, and recommendations.
Academic Article CT Manifestations of Tumor Spread Through Airspaces in Pulmonary Adenocarcinomas Presenting as Subsolid Nodules.
Academic Article Ultrafast MR grid-tagging sequence for assessment of local mechanical properties of the lungs.
Academic Article Cardiothoracic imaging in the pregnant patient.
Academic Article MR ventilation-perfusion imaging of human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Impact of lung volume on MR signal intensity changes of the lung parenchyma.
Academic Article A study of the effects of patient anxiety, perceptions and equipment on motion artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article What can computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging tell us about ventilation?
Academic Article Radiographic evaluation of central venous catheter position: anatomic correlation using gated coronary computed tomographic angiography.
Academic Article [Spiral CT and conventional CT in the preoperative imaging of intraocular metal foreign bodies].
Academic Article [Diagnostic reliability of 0.2 Tesla dedicated MRI low-field strength equipment in traumatology].
Academic Article Ventilation-perfusion ratio of signal intensity in human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Severity assessment of acute pulmonary embolism with spiral CT: evaluation of two modified angiographic scores and comparison with clinical data.
Academic Article [Diagnostic imaging within the scope of lung transplantation].
Academic Article Gravitational gradients in expiratory computed tomography examinations of patients with small airways disease: effect of body position on extent of air trapping.
Academic Article Weil disease: importance of imaging findings for early diagnosis.
Academic Article 25-on-25: twenty-five perspectives on twenty-five years of cardiopulmonary imaging. Part III.
Academic Article Female breast, lung, and pelvic organ radiation from dose-reduced 64-MDCT thoracic examination protocols: a phantom study.
Academic Article Imaging of chest trauma: radiological patterns of injury and diagnostic algorithms.
Academic Article Thoracic venous anatomy delineated by malpositioned central venous catheters on plain chest films.
Academic Article Pyrofluid inhalation in "fire-eaters": sequential findings on CT.
Academic Article Helical and conventional CT in the imaging of metallic foreign bodies in the orbit.
Academic Article 25-on-25: twenty-five perspectives on twenty-five years of cardiopulmonary imaging.
Academic Article Multiple inversion recovery MR subtraction imaging of human ventilation from inhalation of room air and pure oxygen.
Academic Article CT and MRI in diseases of the aorta.
Academic Article Organ-based tube current modulation: are women's breasts positioned in the reduced-dose zone?
Academic Article Imaging in Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR): role of the radiologist.
Academic Article Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the normal fetal lung.
Academic Article Multidetector computed tomographic imaging in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: emphysema and airways assessment.
Academic Article Case 196: Immunoglobulin G4-related disease.
Academic Article Expert opinion: quantitative computed tomography analysis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Fat-containing lesions in adult thoracic imaging.
Academic Article Quality initiatives: imaging pregnant patients with suspected pulmonary embolism: what the radiologist needs to know.
Academic Article CT and MR imaging of generalized cystic lymphangiomatosis in pediatric patients.
Academic Article Considerations of prevalence and reporting environment for achieving realistic test conditions.
Academic Article Radiographic findings in patients with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, pulmonary infection, and microbiologic evidence of Mycobacterium xenopi.
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of the respiratory phase in healthy individuals.
Academic Article Ultrashort echo time MRI of pulmonary water content: assessment in a sponge phantom at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla.
Academic Article [Staging of bronchial carcinoma].
Academic Article [T1 maps and O2-enhanced MRT of the diseased lung. Emphysema, fibrosis, mucoviscidosis].
Academic Article [From morphology to function: progress in integrated lung imaging using computerized tomography and magnetic resonance tomography].
Academic Article Spin in radiology research: let the data speak for themselves.
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of respiratory phase and correlation to lung function test results in patients with diffuse lung disease.
Academic Article Imaging pulmonary blood flow and perfusion using phase-sensitive selective inversion recovery.
Academic Article Fleischner Society: glossary of terms for thoracic imaging.
Academic Article Gravity-dependent signal gradients on MR images of the lung in supine and prone positions: a comparison with isogravitational signal variability.
Academic Article [Diagnostic imaging in intensive care. Techniques, indications, diagnostic signs--II].
Academic Article [MRI diagnosis of lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament--comparison of 1.0 Tesla and 0.2 Tesla. Initial results].
Academic Article Double inversion recovery imaging of the brain: initial experience and comparison with fluid attenuated inversion recovery imaging.
Academic Article Response.
Academic Article Manifestations of systemic diseases on thoracic imaging.
Academic Article Pulmonary embolism. II. Diagnosis and treatment.
Academic Article [Imaging in intensive care medicine. I. Techniques, indications, diagnostic signs].
Academic Article [Imaging procedures in intensive care medicine. II. Techniques, indications, diagnostic signs].
Academic Article Azygos arch cannulation by central venous catheters: radiographic detection of malposition and subsequent complications.
Academic Article [MRI in radiologically occult scaphoid fractures. Initial experiences with 1.0 Tesla (whole body-middle field equipment) versus 0.2 Tesla (dedicated low-field equipment)].
Academic Article Insights into imaging of aortitis.
Academic Article Imaging the posterior mediastinum: a multimodality approach.
Academic Article Consensus interpretation in imaging research: is there a better way?
Academic Article Preoperative imaging of lower extremity varicose veins: color coded duplex sonography or venography.
Academic Article Managing Incidental Lung Nodules in Patients With a History of Oncologic Disease: A Survey of Thoracic Radiologists.
Academic Article [Imaging of emphysema].
Academic Article Determination of regional pulmonary parenchymal strain during normal respiration using spin inversion tagged magnetization MRI.
Academic Article Noninfectious inflammatory lung disease: imaging considerations and clues to differential diagnosis.
Academic Article [Candida glabrata pneumonia in a non-immunosuppressed patient: diagnostic imaging with digital luminescence radiography and CT].
Academic Article Quantitative and o(2) enhanced MRI of the pathologic lung: findings in emphysema, fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis.
Academic Article [Imaging in intensive medicine. Techniques. Indications, diagnostic signs. II].
Academic Article [Imaging in collagen-vascular diseases with special emphasis on fibrotic lung alterations].
Academic Article [Imaging in intensive care. Methods, indications, diagnostic signs. I].
Academic Article Pulmonary lymphangiomyomatosis mimicking Langerhans cell histiocytosis.
Academic Article [Diagnostic imaging in intensive care medicine. Techniques, indications, diagnostic signs--I].
Academic Article Nodular reverse halo sign in active pulmonary tuberculosis: A rare CT feature?
Academic Article Estimating patient water equivalent diameter from CT localizer images - A longitudinal and multi-institutional study of the stability of calibration parameters.
Academic Article Role of imaging in predicting tumor spread through airspaces (STAS): what are the next steps.
Academic Article Visceral Pleural Invasion in Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma: Differences in CT Patterns between Solid and Subsolid Cancers.
Academic Article To Be or Not to Be ? a Pulmonary Nodule.
Concept Cardiac Imaging Techniques
Concept Multimodal Imaging
Academic Article Pulmonary functional imaging (PFI): A historical review and perspective.
Academic Article Relative Loss of Small Pulmonary Vessels on Imaging and Risk of Recurrence of Resected Lung Adenocarcinoma.
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