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Concept Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Concept Diffusion Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Academic Article Ultrafast MR grid-tagging sequence for assessment of local mechanical properties of the lungs.
Academic Article Cardiothoracic imaging in the pregnant patient.
Academic Article MR ventilation-perfusion imaging of human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Impact of lung volume on MR signal intensity changes of the lung parenchyma.
Academic Article A study of the effects of patient anxiety, perceptions and equipment on motion artifacts in magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article What can computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging tell us about ventilation?
Academic Article [Diagnostic reliability of 0.2 Tesla dedicated MRI low-field strength equipment in traumatology].
Academic Article Ventilation-perfusion ratio of signal intensity in human lung using oxygen-enhanced and arterial spin labeling techniques.
Academic Article Effect of lung inflation on arterial spin labeling signal in MR perfusion imaging of human lung.
Academic Article 25-on-25: twenty-five perspectives on twenty-five years of cardiopulmonary imaging.
Academic Article Multiple inversion recovery MR subtraction imaging of human ventilation from inhalation of room air and pure oxygen.
Academic Article CT and MRI in diseases of the aorta.
Academic Article Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of the normal fetal lung.
Academic Article Fat-containing lesions in adult thoracic imaging.
Academic Article CT and MR imaging of generalized cystic lymphangiomatosis in pediatric patients.
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of the respiratory phase in healthy individuals.
Academic Article Ultrashort echo time MRI of pulmonary water content: assessment in a sponge phantom at 1.5 and 3.0 Tesla.
Academic Article [T1 maps and O2-enhanced MRT of the diseased lung. Emphysema, fibrosis, mucoviscidosis].
Academic Article [From morphology to function: progress in integrated lung imaging using computerized tomography and magnetic resonance tomography].
Academic Article T1 mapping of the entire lung parenchyma: Influence of respiratory phase and correlation to lung function test results in patients with diffuse lung disease.
Academic Article [MRI diagnosis of lesions of the anterior cruciate ligament--comparison of 1.0 Tesla and 0.2 Tesla. Initial results].
Academic Article Double inversion recovery imaging of the brain: initial experience and comparison with fluid attenuated inversion recovery imaging.
Academic Article [MRI in radiologically occult scaphoid fractures. Initial experiences with 1.0 Tesla (whole body-middle field equipment) versus 0.2 Tesla (dedicated low-field equipment)].
Academic Article Imaging the posterior mediastinum: a multimodality approach.
Academic Article Determination of regional pulmonary parenchymal strain during normal respiration using spin inversion tagged magnetization MRI.
Academic Article [Imaging in intensive medicine. Techniques. Indications, diagnostic signs. II].
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