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Concept Acoustic Stimulation
Academic Article The effect of musicianship on pitch memory in performance matched groups.
Academic Article Impaired learning of event frequencies in tone deafness.
Academic Article Enhanced cortical connectivity in absolute pitch musicians: a model for local hyperconnectivity.
Academic Article Amygdala activity can be modulated by unexpected chord functions during music listening.
Academic Article Adults and children processing music: an fMRI study.
Academic Article The influence of sleep on auditory learning: a behavioral study.
Academic Article Perception of musical pitch in developmental prosopagnosia.
Academic Article Action representation of sound: audiomotor recognition network while listening to newly acquired actions.
Academic Article Imaging melody and rhythm processing in young children.
Academic Article Tone deafness: a new disconnection syndrome?
Academic Article Combining transcranial direct current stimulation and tailor-made notched music training to decrease tinnitus-related distress--a pilot study.
Academic Article Perceiving pitch absolutely: comparing absolute and relative pitch possessors in a pitch memory task.
Academic Article The effects of gender on the neural substrates of pitch memory.
Academic Article A Validated Smartphone-Based Assessment of Gait and Gait Variability in Parkinson's Disease.
Academic Article Neural correlates of absolute pitch differ between blind and sighted musicians.
Academic Article Functional burst imaging.
Academic Article Auditory aversion in absolute pitch possessors.
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