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Concept Brain Mapping
Academic Article Improvement-related functional plasticity following pitch memory training.
Academic Article The brain of musicians. A model for functional and structural adaptation.
Academic Article Multimodal output mapping of human central motor representation on different spatial scales.
Academic Article Inter-subject variability of cerebral activations in acquiring a motor skill: a study with positron emission tomography.
Academic Article White matter integrity in right hemisphere predicts pitch-related grammar learning.
Academic Article Enhanced cortical connectivity in absolute pitch musicians: a model for local hyperconnectivity.
Academic Article Initial motor impairment influences activation pattern of motor recovery.
Academic Article Specialization of the specialized in features of external human brain morphology.
Academic Article Enhanced functional networks in absolute pitch.
Academic Article Shared and distinct neural correlates of singing and speaking.
Academic Article Adults and children processing music: an fMRI study.
Academic Article Impairment of speech production predicted by lesion load of the left arcuate fasciculus.
Academic Article Absolute pitch in blind musicians.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent motor memory plasticity in the human brain.
Academic Article Attentional modulation of emotional stimulus processing: an fMRI study using emotional expectancy.
Academic Article Brain structures differ between musicians and non-musicians.
Academic Article Age-related differences in movement representation.
Academic Article Action representation of sound: audiomotor recognition network while listening to newly acquired actions.
Academic Article Individual somatotopy of primary sensorimotor cortex revealed by intermodal matching of MEG, PET, and MRI.
Academic Article Reciprocal modulation and attenuation in the prefrontal cortex: an fMRI study on emotional-cognitive interaction.
Academic Article Imaging melody and rhythm processing in young children.
Academic Article Investigating musical disorders with diffusion tensor imaging: a comparison of imaging parameters.
Academic Article Structural integrity of corticospinal motor fibers predicts motor impairment in chronic stroke.
Academic Article Perceiving pitch absolutely: comparing absolute and relative pitch possessors in a pitch memory task.
Academic Article Effects of music training on the child's brain and cognitive development.
Academic Article Functional anatomy of pitch memory--an fMRI study with sparse temporal sampling.
Academic Article Asymmetry in the human motor cortex and handedness.
Academic Article A voxel-based approach to gray matter asymmetries.
Academic Article The effects of gender on the neural substrates of pitch memory.
Academic Article Brain mapping in musicians with focal task-specific dystonia.
Academic Article The use of non-invasive brain stimulation techniques to facilitate recovery from post-stroke aphasia.
Academic Article Testing for causality with transcranial direct current stimulation: pitch memory and the left supramarginal gyrus.
Academic Article How do we modulate our emotions? Parametric fMRI reveals cortical midline structures as regions specifically involved in the processing of emotional valences.
Academic Article Cerebral activation covaries with movement rate.
Academic Article Neural correlates of absolute pitch differ between blind and sighted musicians.
Academic Article Communication with emblematic gestures: shared and distinct neural correlates of expression and reception.
Academic Article Congenital amusia: an auditory-motor feedback disorder?
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