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Academic Article Markedly reduced apparent blood volume on bolus contrast magnetic resonance imaging as a predictor of hemorrhage after thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Improvement-related functional plasticity following pitch memory training.
Academic Article White matter integrity in right hemisphere predicts pitch-related grammar learning.
Academic Article Enhanced cortical connectivity in absolute pitch musicians: a model for local hyperconnectivity.
Academic Article Dynamic changes of focal hypometabolism in relation to epileptic activity.
Academic Article Initial motor impairment influences activation pattern of motor recovery.
Academic Article Effects of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) on human regional cerebral blood flow.
Academic Article Enhanced functional networks in absolute pitch.
Academic Article Shared and distinct neural correlates of singing and speaking.
Academic Article Air pollution and risk of stroke: underestimation of effect due to misclassification of time of event onset.
Academic Article Dissociable networks for the expectancy and perception of emotional stimuli in the human brain.
Academic Article Resting-State Functional Connectivity Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Outcome After Acute Stroke.
Academic Article Right hemisphere structures predict poststroke speech fluency.
Academic Article Absolute pitch in blind musicians.
Academic Article The cerebellum's contribution to beat interval discrimination.
Academic Article Compensatory role of the cortico-rubro-spinal tract in motor recovery after stroke.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent motor memory plasticity in the human brain.
Academic Article Turbo spin-echo diffusion-weighted MR of ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Differential adaptation of descending motor tracts in musicians.
Academic Article Reciprocal modulation and attenuation in the prefrontal cortex: an fMRI study on emotional-cognitive interaction.
Academic Article Structural correlates of functional language dominance: a voxel-based morphometry study.
Academic Article A comparative study of fractional anisotropy measures and ICH score in predicting functional outcomes after intracerebral hemorrhage.
Academic Article Epilepsy of the human supplementary motor area: positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Individual integration of positron emission tomography and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Differential magnetic resonance signal change in human sensorimotor cortex to finger movements of different rate of the dominant and subdominant hand.
Academic Article Structural integrity of corticospinal motor fibers predicts motor impairment in chronic stroke.
Academic Article Optimizing recovery potential through simultaneous occupational therapy and non-invasive brain-stimulation using tDCS.
Academic Article Perceiving pitch absolutely: comparing absolute and relative pitch possessors in a pitch memory task.
Academic Article Examining rhythm and melody processing in young children using FMRI.
Academic Article Pathways to seeing music: enhanced structural connectivity in colored-music synesthesia.
Academic Article Functional anatomy of pitch memory--an fMRI study with sparse temporal sampling.
Academic Article Detection and Predictive Value of Fractional Anisotropy Changes of the Corticospinal Tract in the Acute Phase of a Stroke.
Academic Article Asymmetry in the human motor cortex and handedness.
Academic Article Training-mediated leftward asymmetries during music processing: a cross-sectional and longitudinal fMRI analysis.
Academic Article Quantitative analysis of the columnar arrangement of neurons in the human cingulate cortex.
Academic Article How do we modulate our emotions? Parametric fMRI reveals cortical midline structures as regions specifically involved in the processing of emotional valences.
Academic Article Neural correlates of absolute pitch differ between blind and sighted musicians.
Academic Article Communication with emblematic gestures: shared and distinct neural correlates of expression and reception.
Academic Article Does stroke location predict walk speed response to gait rehabilitation?
Academic Article Keeping brains young with making music.
Academic Article Absolute pitch and planum temporale.
Academic Article Congenital amusia: an auditory-motor feedback disorder?
Academic Article Functional burst imaging.

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