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Concept Diffusion Tensor Imaging
Academic Article White matter integrity in right hemisphere predicts pitch-related grammar learning.
Academic Article Diffusion tensor imaging as a prognostic biomarker for motor recovery and rehabilitation after stroke.
Academic Article Compensatory role of the cortico-rubro-spinal tract in motor recovery after stroke.
Academic Article Differential adaptation of descending motor tracts in musicians.
Academic Article Predicting functional motor potential in chronic stroke patients using diffusion tensor imaging.
Academic Article A comparative study of fractional anisotropy measures and ICH score in predicting functional outcomes after intracerebral hemorrhage.
Academic Article Investigating musical disorders with diffusion tensor imaging: a comparison of imaging parameters.
Academic Article Structural integrity of corticospinal motor fibers predicts motor impairment in chronic stroke.
Academic Article Intensive therapy induces contralateral white matter changes in chronic stroke patients with Broca's aphasia.
Academic Article Pathways to seeing music: enhanced structural connectivity in colored-music synesthesia.
Academic Article Detection and Predictive Value of Fractional Anisotropy Changes of the Corticospinal Tract in the Acute Phase of a Stroke.
Academic Article Atypical hemispheric asymmetry in the arcuate fasciculus of completely nonverbal children with autism.
Academic Article Brain connectivity reflects human aesthetic responses to music.
Academic Article Lesion load of the corticospinal tract predicts motor impairment in chronic stroke.
Academic Article Pyramidal tract and alternate motor fibers complementarily mediate motor compensation in patients after hemispherotomy.
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