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Concept Neuronal Plasticity
Academic Article Improvement-related functional plasticity following pitch memory training.
Academic Article The brain of musicians. A model for functional and structural adaptation.
Academic Article Gray matter differences between musicians and nonmusicians.
Academic Article Melodic intonation therapy: shared insights on how it is done and why it might help.
Academic Article Specialization of the specialized in features of external human brain morphology.
Academic Article Repair after brainstem ischemia involves neurogenesis and the rubrospinal system.
Academic Article Transcranial direct current stimulation in stroke recovery.
Academic Article The effects of musical training on structural brain development: a longitudinal study.
Academic Article Music making as a tool for promoting brain plasticity across the life span.
Academic Article Sleep-dependent motor memory plasticity in the human brain.
Academic Article Increased corpus callosum size in musicians.
Academic Article Musicians and music making as a model for the study of brain plasticity.
Academic Article Apollo's gift: new aspects of neurologic music therapy.
Academic Article Musical training shapes structural brain development.
Academic Article Training-induced neuroplasticity in young children.
Academic Article Evidence for plasticity in white-matter tracts of patients with chronic Broca's aphasia undergoing intense intonation-based speech therapy.
Academic Article Cerebellar volume of musicians.
Academic Article Brain mapping in musicians with focal task-specific dystonia.
Academic Article Bihemispheric brain stimulation facilitates motor recovery in chronic stroke patients.
Academic Article When right is all that is left: plasticity of right-hemisphere tracts in a young aphasic patient.
Academic Article Transcranial direct current stimulation: a noninvasive tool to facilitate stroke recovery.
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