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Concept Tomography, Emission-Computed
Concept Tomography, Emission-Computed, Single-Photon
Academic Article Markedly reduced apparent blood volume on bolus contrast magnetic resonance imaging as a predictor of hemorrhage after thrombolytic therapy for acute ischemic stroke.
Academic Article Multimodal output mapping of human central motor representation on different spatial scales.
Academic Article Inter-subject variability of cerebral activations in acquiring a motor skill: a study with positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Mapping of human and macaque sensorimotor areas by integrating architectonic, transmitter receptor, MRI and PET data.
Academic Article Dynamic changes of focal hypometabolism in relation to epileptic activity.
Academic Article Cerebral network underlying unilateral motor neglect: evidence from positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Pharmacokinetics and radiation dose of oxygen-15 labelled butanol in rCBF studies in humans.
Academic Article Neurological impairment and recovery in Wilson's disease: evidence from PET and MRI.
Academic Article Subcortical origin of visuomotor apraxia.
Academic Article Neurophysiology of the human supplementary motor area. Positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Individual somatotopy of primary sensorimotor cortex revealed by intermodal matching of MEG, PET, and MRI.
Academic Article Dopamine D2 receptor binding and cerebral glucose metabolism recover after D-penicillamine-therapy in Wilson's disease.
Academic Article Epileptic seizures triggered directly by focal transcranial magnetic stimulation.
Academic Article Anatomy and transmitter receptors of the supplementary motor areas in the human and nonhuman primate brain.
Academic Article Epilepsy of the human supplementary motor area: positron emission tomography.
Academic Article Topography of interictal glucose hypometabolism in unilateral mesiotemporal epilepsy.
Academic Article Individual integration of positron emission tomography and high-resolution magnetic resonance imaging.
Academic Article Quantitation of regional cerebral blood flow with 15O-butanol and positron emission tomography in humans.
Academic Article Ictal motor signs and interictal regional cerebral hypometabolism.
Academic Article Adult-onset complex partial seizures as the presenting sign in colpocephaly: MRI and PET correlates.
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