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Academic Article A novel process for integrating patient stories into patient education interventions: incorporating lessons from theater arts.
Concept Communication
Concept Interdisciplinary Communication
Academic Article Surgeons' Disclosures of Clinical Adverse Events.
Academic Article Patient Centeredness in Electronic Communication: Evaluation of Patient-to-Health Care Team Secure Messaging.
Academic Article Hypertensive patients' race, health beliefs, process of care, and medication adherence.
Academic Article The perceived role of clinicians in pregnancy prevention among young Black women.
Academic Article Patient perceptions of proactive medication discontinuation.
Academic Article The moral discourse of HIV providers within their organizational context: An ethnographic case study.
Academic Article Healthcare Providers' Responses to Narrative Communication About Racial Healthcare Disparities.
Academic Article Disclosing large scale adverse events in the US Veterans Health Administration: lessons from media responses.
Academic Article Improving healthcare systems' disclosures of large-scale adverse events: a Department of Veterans Affairs leadership, policymaker, research and stakeholder partnership.
Academic Article Communication in interdisciplinary team meetings: what are we talking about?
Academic Article "It's like a mirror image of my illness": Exploring Patient Perceptions About Illness Using Health Mind Mapping-a Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Narratives of Gestational Diabetes Provide a Lens to Tailor Postpartum Prevention and Monitoring Counseling.
Academic Article "I'm Not Feeling Like I'm Part of the Conversation" Patients' Perspectives on Communicating in Clinical Video Telehealth Visits.
Academic Article Patient and provider views on the use of medical services by women with intellectual disabilities.
Academic Article Evaluating the implementation of a national disclosure policy for large-scale adverse events in an integrated health care system: identification of gaps and successes.
Academic Article Do patient perceptions of provider communication relate to experiences of physical pain?
Academic Article Development of observational rating scales for evaluating patient-centered communication within a whole health approach to care.
Academic Article Assessing Patients' Perceptions of Clinician Communication: Acceptability of Brief Point-of-Care Surveys in Primary Care.
Academic Article Implications of Electronic Consultations for Clinician Communication and Relationships: A Qualitative Study.
Academic Article Risk Communication After Health Care Exposures: An Experimental Vignette Survey With Patients.
Academic Article Characterizing patient attitudes and beliefs towards testosterone therapy in Veterans Affairs: A qualitative study.
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