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Concept Pulmonary Gas Exchange
Academic Article Spatial heterogeneity of lung perfusion assessed with (13)N PET as a vascular biomarker in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
Academic Article Regional gas exchange and cellular metabolic activity in ventilator-induced lung injury.
Academic Article Reverse-thrust ventilation in hypercapnic patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Acute physiological effects.
Academic Article Effect of prone position on regional shunt, aeration, and perfusion in experimental acute lung injury.
Academic Article The prone position results in smaller ventilation defects during bronchoconstriction in asthma.
Academic Article Positive end-expiratory pressure prevents the loss of respiratory compliance during low tidal volume ventilation in acute lung injury patients.
Academic Article Relation between shunt, aeration, and perfusion in experimental acute lung injury.
Academic Article Ventilation defect formation in healthy and asthma subjects is determined by lung inflation.
Academic Article Relationship between airway narrowing, patchy ventilation and lung mechanics in asthmatics.
Academic Article Repeated lung inflations and deterioration in gas exchange.
Academic Article Positron emission tomography imaging of regional lung function.
Academic Article Pulmonary pathophysiology and lung mechanics in anesthesiology: a case-based overview.
Academic Article Mechanism by which a sustained inflation can worsen oxygenation in acute lung injury.
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