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Concept Ventilation-Perfusion Ratio
Concept Pulmonary Ventilation
Academic Article Regional pulmonary perfusion, inflation, and ventilation defects in bronchoconstricted patients with asthma.
Academic Article Topographical distribution of pulmonary perfusion and ventilation, assessed by PET in supine and prone humans.
Academic Article Lung [(18)F]fluorodeoxyglucose uptake and ventilation-perfusion mismatch in the early stage of experimental acute smoke inhalation.
Academic Article Positron emission tomography imaging of regional pulmonary perfusion and ventilation.
Academic Article Measurement of regional specific lung volume change using respiratory-gated PET of inhaled 13N-nitrogen.
Academic Article Regional lung derecruitment and inflammation during 16 hours of mechanical ventilation in supine healthy sheep.
Academic Article Changes in regional ventilation after autologous blood clot pulmonary embolism.
Academic Article Reverse-thrust ventilation in hypercapnic patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Acute physiological effects.
Academic Article Identifying airways responsible for heterogeneous ventilation and mechanical dysfunction in asthma: an image functional modeling approach.
Academic Article Effect of prone position on regional shunt, aeration, and perfusion in experimental acute lung injury.
Academic Article Effect of regional lung inflation on ventilation heterogeneity at different length scales during mechanical ventilation of normal sheep lungs.
Academic Article Self-organized patchiness in asthma as a prelude to catastrophic shifts.
Academic Article Lung regional metabolic activity and gas volume changes induced by tidal ventilation in patients with acute lung injury.
Academic Article The prone position results in smaller ventilation defects during bronchoconstriction in asthma.
Academic Article Mild endotoxemia during mechanical ventilation produces spatially heterogeneous pulmonary neutrophilic inflammation in sheep.
Academic Article Lung and chest wall mechanics in normal anaesthetized subjects and in patients with COPD at different PEEP levels.
Academic Article Relation between Respiratory Mechanics, Inflammation, and Survival in Experimental Mechanical Ventilation.
Academic Article The effect of omalizumab on ventilation and perfusion in adults with allergic asthma.
Academic Article Effects of ventilation strategy on distribution of lung inflammatory cell activity.
Academic Article Effects of surfactant depletion on regional pulmonary metabolic activity during mechanical ventilation.
Academic Article Positive end-expiratory pressure prevents the loss of respiratory compliance during low tidal volume ventilation in acute lung injury patients.
Academic Article Quantification of regional ventilation-perfusion ratios with PET.
Academic Article Ventilation defect formation in healthy and asthma subjects is determined by lung inflation.
Academic Article Relationship between airway narrowing, patchy ventilation and lung mechanics in asthmatics.
Academic Article 18F-FDG uptake rate is a biomarker of eosinophilic inflammation and airway response in asthma.
Academic Article Pulmonary pathophysiology and lung mechanics in anesthesiology: a case-based overview.
Concept One-Lung Ventilation
Academic Article Intraoperative Protective Mechanical Ventilation: Fact or Fiction?
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