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Concept Electronic Health Records
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Academic Article Electronic cigarette and combustible cigarette use following a campus-wide ban: Prevalence of use and harm perceptions.
Academic Article JUUL in school: JUUL electronic cigarette use patterns, reasons for use, and social normative perceptions among college student ever users.
Academic Article Harm Perceptions of the JUUL E-Cigarette in a Sample of Ever Users.
Academic Article Evaluation of Respiratory Symptoms Among Youth e-Cigarette Users.
Academic Article Identifying message content to reduce vaping: Results from online message testing trials in young adult tobacco users.
Academic Article E-cigarette regulation: a delicate balance for public health.
Academic Article Polytobacco use and risk perceptions among young adults: The potential role of habituation to risk.
Academic Article A content analysis of JUUL discussions on social media: Using Reddit to understand patterns and perceptions of JUUL use.
Academic Article JUUL electronic cigarette use patterns, other tobacco product use, and reasons for use among ever users: Results from a convenience sample.
Academic Article Examining pregnant smokers' attitudes toward cessation aids and electronic nicotine delivery systems.
Academic Article Adolescent Susceptibility to E-Cigarettes: An Update From the 2018 National Youth Tobacco Survey.
Academic Article Associations Between Exposure to The Real Cost Campaign, Pro-Tobacco Advertisements, and Tobacco Use Among Youth in the U.S.
Academic Article Youth use of e-cigarettes: Does dependence vary by device type?
Academic Article Youth-appealing features in popular e-cigarette brand advertising in the USA after heightened scrutiny in 2018.
Academic Article Associations between Cognitive and Affective Responses to Tobacco Advertisements and Tobacco Use Incidence: A Four-Year Prospective Study among Adolescent Boys.
Academic Article Optimizing Images for an E-Cigarette Messaging Campaign: Liking and Perceived Effectiveness.
Academic Article Responses to e-cigarette health messages among young adult sexual minoritized women and nonbinary people assigned female at birth: Assessing the influence of message theme and format.
Concept Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems
Academic Article Minoritized Sexual Identity and Perceived Effectiveness of Instagram Public Health Messaging about E-cigarettes.
Academic Article Message Source Credibility and E-Cigarette Harm Perceptions among Young Adults.
Academic Article How Age and E-cigarette Use Status Interact to Influence E-cigarette Ad?Perceptions.
Academic Article Effects of Vaping Prevention Messages on Electronic Vapor Product Beliefs, Perceived Harms, and Behavioral Intentions among Young Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial.
Academic Article E-Cigarette Use among Sexual Minoritized Women and Nonbinary People Assigned Female at Birth: Assessing the Roles of Discrimination, Perceived Stress, and Social Support.
Academic Article Disparities in Receipt of Guideline-adherent Blood Pressure Screening: An Observational Examination of Electronic Health Record Data from a Massachusetts Healthcare System.
Academic Article Absolute and relative e-cigarette harm perceptions among young adult lesbian and bisexual women and nonbinary people assigned female at birth.
Academic Article Effects of "Tobacco Free" Language in Warning Labels on Perceptions of Electronic Cigarettes and Nicotine Pouches among Young Adult Men: A Randomized Trial.
Academic Article Characteristics Associated with Young Adults' Intentions to Engage with Anti-Vaping Instagram Posts.
Academic Article Association of Vaping Identity and e-Cigarette Perceptions among Young Adults Who Vape.
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