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Academic Article The value of the medical home for children without special health care needs.
Academic Article Are components of the medical home differentially associated with child health care utilization, health, and health promoting behavior outcomes?
Concept Parent-Child Relations
Concept Mother-Child Relations
Concept Child Abuse
Concept Child Development
Concept Child of Impaired Parents
Concept Adolescent
Concept Child, Preschool
Concept Child Advocacy
Concept Child Care
Concept Child
Concept Child Welfare
Concept Child Health Services
Academic Article A comparison of individual- versus practice-level measures of the medical home.
Academic Article Redesigning Health Care Practices to Address Childhood Poverty.
Academic Article Socioeconomic and Racial Disparities in Parental Perception and Experience of Having a Medical Home, 2007 to 2011-2012.
Academic Article Income Disparities in the Association of the Medical Home With Child Health.
Academic Article Influence of Maternal Depression on WIC Participation in Low-Income Families.
Academic Article Do Basic Unmet Maternal Needs Influence Infant Maltreatment Risk? A Nested Case-Control Study.
Academic Article Addressing Childhood Poverty in Pediatric Clinical Settings: The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Is a Missed Opportunity.
Academic Article An Equity Lens for Identifying and Addressing Social Needs Within Pediatric Value-Based Care.
Academic Article Addressing the social determinants of health within the patient-centered medical home: lessons from pediatrics.
Academic Article Child Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Bad Situation Made Worse.
Academic Article Screening and Referral for Low-Income Families' Social Determinants of Health by US Pediatricians.
Academic Article Delayed diagnosis of iliac vein thrombus in a sexually-active adolescent with Klippel-Trénaunay syndrome.
Academic Article Improving the management of family psychosocial problems at low-income children's well-child care visits: the WE CARE Project.
Academic Article Provider and Staff Feedback on Screening for Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health for Pediatric Patients.
Academic Article Applying surveillance and screening to family psychosocial issues: implications for the medical home.
Academic Article Association of substance use discussion by pediatric providers with the parent-provider relationship and maternal behavior change.
Academic Article Food Insecurity and Health Care Use.
Academic Article Public Charge: An Expanding Challenge to Child Health Care Policy.
Academic Article Addressing unmet basic needs for children with sickle cell disease in the United States: clinic and staff perspectives.
Academic Article Influence of maternal depression on household food insecurity for low-income families.
Academic Article The Relationship Between Social Risks and the Mental Health of School-Age Children in Primary Care.
Academic Article From medical home to health neighborhood: transforming the medical home into a community-based health neighborhood.
Academic Article Perspectives from the Society for Pediatric Research: interventions targeting social needs in pediatric clinical care.
Academic Article Addressing social determinants of health at well child care visits: a cluster RCT.
Academic Article Social Determinants of Health and ADHD Symptoms in Preschool-Age Children.
Academic Article Ameliorating Maternal Depression and Its Harmful Consequences for Low-Income Families: Primary Care to the Rescue?
Academic Article Impact of an On-Site Versus Remote Patient Navigator on Pediatricians' Referrals and Families' Receipt of Resources for Unmet Social Needs.
Academic Article Racial and Ethnic Differences in Managed Care Enrollment Among US Children.
Academic Article Considering Approaches to Screening for Social Determinants of Health.
Academic Article Variability in Informed Consent Practices for Non-Emergent Procedures in Pediatric Emergency Departments.
Academic Article Linking urban families to community resources in the context of pediatric primary care.
Academic Article United States Pediatricians' Attitudes Regarding Public Policies for Low-Income Children and Their Profession's Advocacy Priorities.
Academic Article Addressing families' unmet social needs within pediatric primary care: the health leads model.
Academic Article Relationships Between Material Hardship, Resilience, and Health Care Use.
Academic Article Implementation Considerations for Social Determinants of Health Screening and Referral Interventions.
Academic Article Screening for basic social needs at a medical home for low-income children.
Academic Article Addressing Social Determinants of Health: Challenges and Opportunities in a Value-Based Model.
Academic Article Screening for Social Determinants of Health Among Children and Families Living in Poverty: A Guide for Clinicians.
Academic Article Clinical Stakeholder Perspectives on Pediatric Inpatient Screening for Social Needs.
Academic Article Linguistic Disparities in Child Health and Presence of a Medical Home Among United States Latino Children.
Academic Article Clinical Approaches to Reducing Material Hardship Due to Poverty: Social Risks/Needs Identification and Interventions.
Academic Article Clinical and public policy interventions to address food insecurity among children.
Concept Child Health
Academic Article Social Determinants of Health in Asthma Through the Life Course.
Academic Article Household unmet basic needs in the first 1000 days and preterm birth status.
Academic Article Prioritizing Child Health: Promoting Adherence to Well-Child Visits in an Urban, Safety-Net Health System During the COVID-19 Pandemic.
Academic Article Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program participation and health care expenditures in children.
Academic Article Bringing Geospatial Awareness to Community Pediatrics and Primary Care.
Academic Article The Association Between Racial Discrimination, Race, and Social Class With Health Among US Children.
Academic Article Parent Perspectives on Screening for Social Needs During Pediatric Hospitalizations.
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