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Concept Lasers, Solid-State
Concept Lasers
Concept Laser Therapy
Academic Article Evaluation of cell and matrix mechanics using fluorescence excitation spectroscopy: Feasibility study in collagen gels containing fibroblasts.
Academic Article Effect of fibrous septa in radiofrequency heating of cutaneous and subcutaneous tissues: computational study.
Academic Article Optical, flow, and thermal analysis of a phototherapy extracorporeal membrane oxygenator for treating carbon monoxide poisoning.
Academic Article Effects of hypobaric pressure on human skin: implications for cryogen spray cooling (part II).
Academic Article Treatment of cutaneous vascular lesions using multiple-intermittent cryogen spurts and two-wavelength laser pulses: numerical and animal studies.
Academic Article Mobile phone-based UV fluorescence microscopy for the identification of fungal pathogens.
Academic Article Laser surgery of port wine stains using local vacuum pressure: changes in skin morphology and optical properties (Part I).
Academic Article Laser surgery of port wine stains using local vacuum [corrected] pressure: changes in calculated energy deposition (Part II).
Academic Article Extent of lateral epidermal protection afforded by a cryogen spray against laser irradiation.
Academic Article Multifunctional patch for use during laser procedures: Optimization and feasibility testing.
Academic Article UV fluorescence excitation imaging of healing of wounds in skin: Evaluation of wound closure in organ culture model.
Academic Article Veno-venous extracorporeal blood phototherapy increases the rate of carbon monoxide (CO) elimination in CO-poisoned pigs.
Academic Article Improvement of port wine stain laser therapy by skin preheating prior to cryogen spray cooling: a numerical simulation.
Academic Article Thermal and elastic response of subcutaneous tissue with different fibrous septa architectures to RF heating: numerical study.
Academic Article Controlled volumetric heating of subcutaneous adipose tissue using a novel radiofrequency technology.
Academic Article Infrared measurement of human skin temperature to predict the individual maximum safe radiant exposure (IMSRE).
Academic Article Noninvasive Assessment of Mycotic Nail Tissue Using an Ultraviolet Fluorescence Excitation Imaging System.
Academic Article Smartphone imaging of subcutaneous veins.
Academic Article Hyperthermic injury to adipocyte cells by selective heating of subcutaneous fat with a novel radiofrequency device: feasibility studies.
Academic Article Hyperbaric phototherapy augments blood carbon monoxide removal.
Academic Article Extracorporeal membrane oxygenators with light-diffusing fibers for treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning: Experiments, mathematical modeling, and performance assessment with unit cells.
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