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The goal of the Yemini Lab is to understand how a nervous system grows to meet the behavioral needs of specific stages of life. Tools we pioneered for the worm C. elegans enable us to connect behavioral changes during development to causative changes at the genetic, molecular, cellular, and neural communication levels, illuminating precisely how a nervous system grows and changes.

With these tools we are developing a systems-biology model of a whole nervous system, at single-cell resolution, establishing the logic and mechanisms of how this network is reconfigured during development. Additionally, we are expanding our “NeuroPAL” method (color barcodes for in vivo cell type identification) to other model organisms.

Summary The Yemini Lab investigates how nervous systems change during development and evolution to generate new behaviors. We use cutting-edge tools and a multiscale systems-biology approach to study the genes, circuitry, and neural activity driving behavioral changes. Our findings provide a foundation to understand normal brain development and brain disorders (e.g., autism and intellectual disabilities).
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