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Academic Article Disruption of scribble (Scrb1) causes severe neural tube defects in the circletail mouse.
Academic Article Mutation of Celsr1 disrupts planar polarity of inner ear hair cells and causes severe neural tube defects in the mouse.
Concept Neural Tube Defects
Academic Article Spina bifida-predisposing heterozygous mutations in Planar Cell Polarity genes and Zic2 reduce bone mass in young mice.
Academic Article SNPs in the CpG island of NAP1L2: a possible link between DNA methylation and neural tube defects?
Academic Article Is LMNB1 a susceptibility gene for neural tube defects in humans?
Academic Article Vangl2-environment interaction causes severe neural tube defects, without abnormal neuroepithelial convergent extension.
Academic Article Abnormal folate metabolism in foetuses affected by neural tube defects.
Academic Article Mutations in the planar cell polarity genes CELSR1 and SCRIB are associated with the severe neural tube defect craniorachischisis.
Academic Article Epithelial cell polarity genes are required for neural tube closure.
Academic Article Neural tube defects: recent advances, unsolved questions, and controversies.
Academic Article Genetics of human neural tube defects.
Academic Article The emerging role of epigenetic mechanisms in the etiology of neural tube defects.
Academic Article Overexpression of Grainyhead-like 3 causes spina bifida and interacts genetically with mutant alleles of Grhl2 and Vangl2 in mice.
Academic Article Genetic interactions between planar cell polarity genes cause diverse neural tube defects in mice.
Academic Article Mutations in genes encoding the glycine cleavage system predispose to neural tube defects in mice and humans.
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