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Academic Article Five siRNAs targeting three SNPs may provide therapy for three-quarters of Huntington's disease patients.
Academic Article Huntington's disease: silencing a brutal killer.
Concept Huntington Disease
Academic Article HTT-lowering reverses Huntington's disease immune dysfunction caused by NF?B pathway dysregulation.
Academic Article Increased Steady-State Mutant Huntingtin mRNA in Huntington's Disease Brain.
Academic Article Safety of Striatal Infusion of siRNA in a Transgenic Huntington's Disease Mouse Model.
Academic Article Does the Mutant CAG Expansion in Huntingtin mRNA Interfere with Exonucleolytic Cleavage of its First Exon?
Academic Article Cellular Analysis of Silencing the?Huntington's Disease Gene Using AAV9?Mediated Delivery of Artificial Micro?RNA into the Striatum of?Q140/Q140?Mice.
Academic Article Allele-Selective Suppression of Mutant Huntingtin in Primary Human Blood Cells.
Academic Article Alterations in mRNA 3' UTR Isoform Abundance Accompany Gene Expression Changes in Human Huntington's Disease Brains.
Academic Article Artificial miRNAs Reduce Human Mutant Huntingtin Throughout the Striatum in a Transgenic Sheep Model of Huntington's Disease.
Academic Article Huntington's Disease: Les Jeux Sont Faits?
Academic Article Structurally constrained phosphonate internucleotide linkage impacts oligonucleotide-enzyme interaction, and modulates siRNA activity and allele specificity.
Academic Article Chemical engineering of therapeutic siRNAs for allele-specific gene silencing in Huntington's disease models.
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