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Kenan C Murphy PhD

TitleAssistant Professor
InstitutionUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
DepartmentMicrobiology and Physiological Systems
AddressUniversity of Massachusetts Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester MA 01655
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    InstitutionUMMS - School of Medicine
    DepartmentMicrobiology and Physiological Systems

    InstitutionUMMS - Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences
    DepartmentMolecular Genetics and Microbiology

    InstitutionUMMS - Programs, Centers and Institutes
    DepartmentBacterial Genetics and Pathogenesis

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    Catholic University of America, Washington, DC, United StatesBAPhysics
    University of Maryland, College Park, College Park, MD, United StatesPHDBiochemistry

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    Academic Background

    Ph. D. (1983) University of Maryland

    Recombineering technology for gene replacement in bacterial pathogens

    Identification of Drug Targets in M. tuberculosis - creating regulatable strains for use in whole cell screens with small molecules

    My work invovles the use of Red recombineering technology for gene replacement in bacterial pathogens. My lab was the first to show that the lambda Red recombination system promotes gene replacement of electroporated linear DNA substrates into the Escherichia coliK-12 chromosome at a very high efficiency (Murphy, 1998). The system is also useful in pathogenic species of E. coli (Murphy & Campellone, 2003). Work continues to improve recombinering technology in pathogens such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Mycobacterium tuberculosis by expression of Red-lke recombination systems from phage known to infect these hosts.


    My lab is also interested in the mechnaism of the bacteriophage lambda Red recombination system. The system consist of two proteins, the ssDNA annealing Bet protein and the 5’-3’ dsDNA lambda exonuclease. These two proteins form a complex in vitro, and are thought to interact with each other in vivo. We have isolated various mutants of Bet that are deficient for both recombination and recombineering, and some that are deficient for one but not the other.   



    Proposed mechanism of Red Recombineering

    Lambda Exo's 5' exonuclease activity (red trapezoid)) generates ssDNA, which serves as a substrate for lambda Bet (blue oligomeric ring) to bind and promote annealing to ssDNA in the lagging strand of a replication fork. This structure is stabilized by the lambda Beta protein, unitl another fork comes by and generates both a wild type and a recombinant chromosome.

    replication Kenan Murphy figure page

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    Rotation Projects

    1. Study the interaction of the ssDNA annealing protein Bet and its cognate exonuclease with dsDNA ends. Compare wild type Bet with one or mutant Bet proteins.  Use both genetic and biochemical studies to answer the question of how this annealase binds to ssDNA and promotes recombination.


    2. Develop recombineering technologies for M. tuberculosis involving the electroporation of oligos containing clinically relevant single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs).


    3. Generate a recombineering system for Pseudomonas aeruginosa via the electroporation of PCR substrates into electrocompetent cells containing PA phage Red-like recombination systems. 


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