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Academic Article Covariation between workplace physical and psychosocial stressors: evidence and implications for occupational health research and prevention.
Academic Article Back to the future: sweatshop conditions on the Mexico-U.S. border. II. Occupational health impact of maquiladora industrial activity.
Academic Article Risk factors for neck and shoulder disorders: a nested case-control study covering a 24-year period.
Academic Article Job strain predicts survey response in healthcare industry workers.
Academic Article Cross-language differential item functioning of the job content questionnaire among European countries: the JACE study.
Academic Article Assessment of a Worksite Health Promotion Readiness Checklist.
Academic Article Healthy workplaces? A survey of Massachusetts employers.
Academic Article Exposure to ergonomic stressors in the garment industry: application and critique of job-site work analysis methods.
Academic Article Specific and non-specific upper extremity musculoskeletal disorder syndromes in automobile manufacturing workers.
Academic Article A conceptual framework for integrating workplace health promotion and occupational ergonomics programs.
Academic Article Health promotion site selection blues: barriers to participation and implementation.
Academic Article Violence at the workplace increases the risk of musculoskeletal pain among nursing home workers.
Academic Article Statement on national worklife priorities.
Concept Workplace
Academic Article Promoting integrated approaches to reducing health inequities among low-income workers: applying a social ecological framework.
Academic Article Participatory ergonomics as a model for integrated programs to prevent chronic disease.
Academic Article Statistical performance of observational work sampling for assessment of categorical exposure variables: a simulation approach illustrated using PATH data.
Academic Article The impact of workplace factors on filing of workers' compensation claims among nursing home workers.
Academic Article Relationships among employees' working conditions, mental health, and intention to leave in nursing homes.
Academic Article Musculoskeletal pain and reported workplace assault: a prospective study of clinical staff in nursing homes.
Academic Article Assessing Organizational Readiness for a Participatory Occupational Health/Health Promotion Intervention in Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Academic Article Workplace Health Promotion and Wellbeing.
Academic Article Health Behaviors and Overweight in Nursing Home Employees: Contribution of Workplace Stressors and Implications for Worksite Health Promotion.
Academic Article Organizing workplace health literacy to reduce musculoskeletal pain and consequences.
Academic Article Obesity/Overweight and the Role of Working Conditions: A Qualitative, Participatory Investigation.
Academic Article Occupational health of home care aides: results of the safe home care survey.
Academic Article Contributing influences of work environment on sleep quantity and quality of nursing assistants in long-term care facilities: A cross-sectional study.
Academic Article Workplace Participatory Occupational Health/Health Promotion Program: Facilitators and Barriers Observed in Three Nursing Homes.
Academic Article Does employee participation in workplace health promotion depend on the working environment? A cross-sectional study of Danish workers.
Academic Article Work-Family Conflict, Sleep, and Mental Health of Nursing Assistants Working in Nursing Homes.
Academic Article Perceived discrimination and low back pain among 28,532 workers in South Korea: Effect modification by labor union status.
Academic Article Associations between safety climate and safety management practices in the construction industry.
Academic Article Associations Among Health Care Workplace Safety, Resident Satisfaction, and Quality of Care in Long-Term Care Facilities.
Academic Article Inclusion of 'Total Worker Health?' a program by NIOSH.
Academic Article Research Methodologies for Total Worker Health?: Proceedings From a Workshop.
Academic Article The effect of strengthening health literacy in nursing homes on employee pain and consequences of pain ? a stepped-wedge intervention trial.
Academic Article "Working on Wellness:" protocol for a worksite health promotion capacity-building program for employers.
Academic Article Prospective Evaluation of Fidelity, Impact and Sustainability of Participatory Workplace Health Teams in Skilled Nursing Facilities.
Academic Article Defining 'Integration' for Total Worker Health?: A New Proposal.
Academic Article Work Environment Factors and Prevention of Opioid-Related Deaths.
Academic Article Safety and Health through Integrated, Facilitated Teams (SHIFT): stepped-wedge protocol for prospective, mixed-methods evaluation of the Healthy Workplace Participatory Program.
Academic Article Surface-acting emotional labor predicts depressive symptoms among health care workers over a 2-year prospective study.
Academic Article Getting to Know You: Occupational Health Researchers Investigate Employee Assistance Professionals' Approaches to Workplace Stress.
Academic Article Barriers to Workplace Stress Interventions in Employee Assistance Practice: EAP Perspectives.
Academic Article Emotional Labor and Depressive Symptoms Among Healthcare Workers: The Role of Sleep.
Concept Workplace Violence
Academic Article A mixed-method approach to tailor the implementation of a participatory Total Worker Health? program.
Academic Article Work-Family Conflict and Depression Among Healthcare Workers: The Role of Sleep and Decision Latitude.
Academic Article Participatory ergonomics: What works for whom and why? A realist review.
Academic Article Workplace Sexual Harassment and Vulnerabilities among Low-Wage Hispanic Women.
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