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Academic Article Nutraceutical nanoemulsions: influence of carrier oil composition (digestible versus indigestible oil) on ?-carotene bioavailability.
Academic Article Influence of tripolyphosphate cross-linking on the physical stability and lipase digestibility of chitosan-coated lipid droplets.
Academic Article Nanoemulsion delivery systems: influence of carrier oil on ?-carotene bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Encapsulation and release of hydrophobic bioactive components in nanoemulsion-based delivery systems: impact of physical form on quercetin bioaccessibility.
Concept Models, Biological
Academic Article Enhancing vitamin E bioaccessibility: factors impacting solubilization and hydrolysis of ?-tocopherol acetate encapsulated in emulsion-based delivery systems.
Academic Article Influence of physical state of ?-carotene (crystallized versus solubilized) on bioaccessibility.
Academic Article Utilizing food matrix effects to enhance nutraceutical bioavailability: increase of curcumin bioaccessibility using excipient emulsions.
Academic Article Designing excipient emulsions to increase nutraceutical bioavailability: emulsifier type influences curcumin stability and bioaccessibility by altering gastrointestinal fate.
Academic Article Increasing Carotenoid Bioaccessibility from Yellow Peppers Using Excipient Emulsions: Impact of Lipid Type and Thermal Processing.
Academic Article Enhancement of carotenoid bioaccessibility from carrots using excipient emulsions: influence of particle size of digestible lipid droplets.
Academic Article Influence of Lipid Content in a Corn Oil Preparation on the Bioaccessibility of ?-Carotene: A Comparison of Low-Fat and High-Fat Samples.
Academic Article Potential impact of inorganic nanoparticles on macronutrient digestion: titanium dioxide nanoparticles slightly reduce lipid digestion under simulated gastrointestinal conditions.
Academic Article A mechanical model of overnight hair curling.
Academic Article Mechanical modeling of pimple growth.
Academic Article Role of Mucin in Behavior of Food-Grade TiO2 Nanoparticles under Simulated Oral Conditions.
Academic Article Improvement of carotenoid bioaccessibility from spinach by co-ingesting with excipient nanoemulsions: impact of the oil phase composition.
Academic Article Design of nanoemulsion-based delivery systems to enhance intestinal lymphatic transport of lipophilic food bioactives: Influence of oil type.
Academic Article Factors impacting lipid digestion and ?-carotene bioaccessibility assessed by standardized gastrointestinal model (INFOGEST): oil droplet concentration.
Academic Article Factors impacting lipid digestion and nutraceutical bioaccessibility assessed by standardized gastrointestinal model (INFOGEST): oil.
Academic Article Progress in microencapsulation of probiotics: A review.
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